Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Kitchen Part 4

I wanted to share these beautiful shallow bowls I just got at the thrift store.

I love brown and white transferware and these bowls only cost $1.50 for both!

As I was taking these pictures I realized I have yet to show you the other end of our kitchen. With all the sunshine coming in I thought what better day to do so?

The upper cabinet pictured is one of the cabinets we got from my parents when they got new ones. They were solid wood doors but my mom had my dad put the glass in them years ago so that she could see all of her dishes. As a young girl I never would have known that some day I would be looking at my very own dishes through those doors.

Neal built the open shelving next to it for all of our many white bowls (what can I say? I love white bowls).

The bread box holds all of my baking supplies and cake/cookie decorating items. The old beverages crate holds our snack foods and keeps them out of sight. The things I use daily I keep right on the counter, if they are pretty that is.

On the days that it hasn't been nice enough to work outside I have been busy getting things ready for our Tag Sale on May 11th. I have been going through all of my cupboards and bins in the attic and I have SO much stuff that I am hoping to sell! The Tag Sale will be May 11th at Stewart Hall (218 Mercer St. Harmony PA 16037) in Harmony PA starting at 9 AM. 

Hope you enjoyed the last part of our kitchen, have a great day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Porch Weather

Finally we are having what I call "Porch Weather" here! I love sitting on my porch in the evenings after a hard days work and it has finally been warm enough to do so!

This is a tiny little alcove porch right outside of our kitchen and it is the perfect place to sit and watch the sun go down. The warm weather has allowed me to bring out some of my gardening and porch items that were stowed away for what seemed like an endless winter.

I found the old watering can in the gardening shed of my sister's new house, boy was I excited! And I found the old enamelware wash basin in our basement just recently! It was down there all this time and I didn't know it (there isn't much that scares me but our basement is somewhere I try never to go).

Another great find is the fabric that the cushion pictured is covered with. Year after year I search for subtle colored non-patterned outdoor fabric and come up empty handed. Not everyone wants giant red flowers on a yellow background people! I know there are catalogs I could order from and I know I could special order from Jo-Ann's but I can't afford either of those options. My dream outdoor fabric would be an oatmeal color with a blue ticking stripe but I will settle for this Sunbrella fabric I found at Jo-Ann's. It is subtle and pattern-less and matches great with my pillows and such. It would normally also be out of my price range but at 50% off I could afford 2 yards. I ran home with it yesterday and had the cover sewn in no time!

I use an old mattress pad as our blanket out here so that if it gets wet or dirty I don't have to stress about the stains. Clearly the grain sack pillow goes in with me at night:)

Neal built the little table one day while working out in the garage, you just never know what he might come carrying in.

There is tiny bit more to this little porch that I will show in a later post. Believe it or not when we bought the house this was a closet. The open side had been walled up at some point. I was determined to show Neal that it had been a porch at one time and couldn't wait for the day to rip down the drywall and unearth the original siding. Those are my favorite days, the days that ripping something down exposes the original farmhouse architecture. I feel like the house takes a big deep breath.

I will be doing some ripping down and exposing next week...stay tuned. For now I hope that you are having some "Porch Weather" of your own:)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Get To Big Lots!

Head to your Big Lots if you like industrial/farmhouse style decor. They have a whole isle full of vintage inspired things like metal locker baskets, old looking keys, numbered cabinet knobs, etc., (some of it is cheesy but its mostly really cute stuff).

I bought this wire basket...

which I could never have too many of.

And I also bought this bottle carrier. I have been looking for an antique one of these for awhile now but at $18 this one will due just fine. It actually looks old to me...

they even made the handle look aged and paint splattered.

I was so excited to find that old milk bottles fit perfectly inside the bottle carrier.

There were other things that I wanted to buy but I had to draw the line somewhere. I am trying to save every penny I can because the flea market will be starting soon! I am dying to go!

I am going through serious treasure hunting withdrawal, I have a whole mental list of things I am on the hunt for this year.

Speaking of treasure hunts, my family and I are having a huge indoor TAG SALE in Harmony, PA on May 11. There will be lots of old things...I will elaborate more in a future post.

Happy go get to Big Lots!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Little White Cupboard

Lucky for me my mom didn't want this adorable white cupboard anymore.

I decided to put in our front room next to the door. I wanted to move the other little table out onto our porch come warm weather anyways.

I just love it's original white paint and it even has a little cutting board that slides out. I also found a "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval sticker inside.

I think it is the perfect addition to this room plus it provides us with more storage and you know how I feel about storage!

Thanks Mom :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Spring

It finally feels like Spring here! It is still a little chilly but I was able to accomplish some things outside and enjoy the sunshine while I was at it. And with all the sunshine streaming through the windows I just had to take some pictures.