Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Old Trunk New Storage

The last time I went to the flea market I found some really awesome deals on things that I have been on the search for lately. I found a beautiful old trunk for $10 which I had been looking for to use as a coffee table in my living room/dining room. I was making my third round through the flea market when my eyes spotted the trunk.  How had I missed this the first two times through? Maybe because the lid was upholstered in the most horrid material that smelled strongly of smoke...yuck. But I could see that the trunk had true potential and the seller only wanted $10 for it, which was all that I had left in my wallet, it was meant to be! I couldn't say that I would take it fast enough!

As soon as I got the trunk home I started ripping off the fabric (two nasty layers of it) and what did I find but old writing! Its actually an address....

I can't tell you how excited I was because I didn't know what I was going to find once I took the gross fabric off. Inside the trunk was also upholstered in the same gross fabric and underneath that I found newspaper from 1912! I scrubbed the whole thing multiple times and let it air out on my porch. It has finally found its new home as our coffee table. I was looking for a trunk for this room because our furniture has to do double duty as storage since our old farmhouse does not have many closets. And it came on casters so I can move it around easily.

I love the way it looks in the room. My sister bought me the beautiful chicken wire basket for Mother's Day and I got the shoe form at the flea market for $1. On the back of the couch is the antique french linen sheet with my initials on it that my sister bought me at the Country Living Fair. Yes my sister buys me lots of very nice things.

I really love the way the wood tones, off whites and blues come together in this room.
I am on the quest to find the perfect blue and white quilt for napping on the couch, in the meantime I have some beautiful window pane fabric from KittredgeMercantile, one of my favorite Etsy shops.
Hope this inspired you!