Monday, December 21, 2015

Farmhouse Bathroom At Christmas

So here is a sneak peek of our newly renovated bathroom. I was so excited to have it finished in time for some Christmas decorating!

I will do a more detailed bathroom post after the holidays but until then...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Some Christmas Rearranging And A Give Away Winner

Okay so since the last post I have already moved around some of my Christmas decorations, what can I say this cupboard is just so fun to play around with. After a trip to the Goodwill and a visit to my favorite local shop Romantique Boutique I was feeling inspired to change things up. This explains why I don't have all of the presents wrapped or ANY of the cookies made:/

And now onto the winner of my very first give away.....

Jackie S. is the winner of the red stripe dish towels!!! Please email me Jackie at with your address!!!

 I hope to have the time to snap some pictures of our bathroom decorated for Christmas, I just finished putting the last coat of paint on it and I am so excited that it is FINALLY finished! Now I can make it cute!!!

Thank you all for your sweet comments and for participating in my first give away! I hope to do more in the future!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Good Old Fashioned Christmas

Come Christmas time one of our favorite things to watch is Garfield's Christmas, and if you are familiar with it you know the song at the end that goes "Let's have a good old fashioned Christmas down on the farm". Well we love that song and that is exactly the look I was going for this year. With all that we were able to get done on the house this year I feel like our farmhouse is really beginning to look how I imagined it could. Don't get me wrong we have a ways to go but we have definitely come a long way and it feels so good to have all of the ideas (well some of them) that have been in my head all these years finally come to fruition. I am feeling very lucky this holiday season to have such a wonderful family and to live in the home I always dreamed of.

Speaking of luck we were fortunate enough this year to get our Christmas tree from Green Valley Christmas Trees. It is an absolutely beautiful Balsam Fir that was delivered directly to our door on the exact day that we wanted it! It is super fresh and smells amazing and we couldn't be happier with it.

The day we decorate the tree is one of our son Eli's favorite days, he just loves unwrapping each and every ornament and looking at them.

Here he is explaining them all to Millie

This is really the only room I am decorating this year because the rest of the house looks like a construction zone right now. I took lots of pictures to make up for it though:)

We switched the couches to allow for the tree to fit in the corner of the family room which meant we needed a smaller table in this corner of the room. We moved in this table from upstairs and I think it will be staying even after we switch the couches back. It is one my favorite pieces of furniture and I just don't get to enjoy it as much when it is upstairs.

My five dollar cupboard, as I call it, is filled with white ironstone and antique red and white linens, a perfect match if you ask me.

I found some old fashioned looking ribbon on Etsy (sources to follow) and wrapped an old spool that I bought at the flea market for a dollar.

I finally broke down and bought myself a red stripe grain sack, some things are just worth the price. I loved that this one was a wheatier color because I wanted a little contrast with all of the white in this room.

And they just put a new Goodwill in our area and I have had very successful shopping trips there so far. I found both the ironstone bowl below and the toolbox beside it there for $2.84 each! I also found a little dresser that we turned into our bathroom vanity (blog post coming soon).

The runner on the table is the one Neal bought me a couple of years ago. Sorry I don't know the source, wish I did because I would buy more. And because I didn't want to spend anymore money but I wanted more grain sack like pillows I sewed my own out of the red stripe dish clothes I bought at TJMaxx. The larger ticking pillow is from Big Lots.

I bought the  antique basket with the quilts in it at one of my favorite places to shop the Shawnee Country Barns Antique Co-Op in Wheatfield, NY. My best friend lives two minutes from it, she is so lucky! We always go there when I visit her and I always leave with a trunk full of goodies.

I have been slowly building my red and white quilt collection. I like them faded, soft and worn.

I got the beautiful grain sack stockings from my friend Mel's Etsy shop Rustic Farmhouse Wares. I looked for years for grain sack stockings but could never find any I liked. When I saw that Mel was selling these I was SOOO excited. I knew they would be awesome if Mel was sewing them:) They are exactly what I have been looking for and are so well made. I love the rustic and simple look of them.

As for the ribbons I bought the wider one from Lucky Lady Paper Crafts and the thinner one from Boxwood Avenue, both on Etsy.

And it is not too late to order something from my Etsy shop (or have someone order YOU something)  Farmhouse Supply in time to receive it before Christmas!

In the spirit of Christmas I am doing my first ever give away! I will be giving away three of these rustic red and white stripe dish towels made by Bombay Company. I bought myself some and I just love them. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post saying that you want the dish towels (please only leave one comment)! You have until Friday December 18th to enter! I will announce the winner Friday!!!

In conclusion I think Garfield said it best "Christmas, It's not the giving, It's not the getting, It's the Loving".

~Merry Christmas~