Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Farmhouse Winter 2019

Hello friends! I hope the new year finds you well! We have been thoroughly enjoying the winter months here in Edinboro, PA. Up until these past couple of weeks we have actually had a super mild winter compared to usual. However we just had a big snow storm come through (as I know many of you did) and now we are braving some very low temperatures. It was zero degrees when Eli got on the bus this morning!

With the snow storm and it being a holiday weekend we were able to have a couple wonderful and cozy days in the house with the kids. Since we opened the shop we haven't really had much time home with kids doing relaxing family stuff so it felt good to have a couple days snowed in. We played lots of board games, watched lots of movies and ate more popcorn than one really should but hey that is what snow storms are for right? I love winter for multiple reasons, but one of them is definitely because you get days like these.

Winter is absolutely beautiful here and I love the sense of peace it creates. Don't get me wrong, I don't love that most days I can't feel my fingers or my toes by the time I get all of the inventory carried into the shop. And the daily cleaning of the snow off of the car gets old but I really do love our winters, frozen fingers and all.

Another reason I love winter so much are the dark browns and grays outside against all of the bright white snow. The landscape here leaves me feeling so inspired. I know I mentioned it on here numerous times but I truly enjoy bringing those colors inside over the winter months. You guys know how much I love white mixed with browns, creams and wood and winter seems like the perfect time to really embrace that palette even more so than usual with things like pine cones, neutral stems and dark accent pieces.

Some of my favorite things to use for dark accent pieces are baskets, iron candle holders, and wooden trunks.

One of my favorite dark accent pieces in our dining room right now is this giant fly screen that Neal bought me at Vintage Market Days Nashville. Well I am calling it a fly screen anyways, we aren't sure if it is fly screen or a fire pit cover but I am using it as fly screen regardless!

I found the round whiskey barrel lid at VMD Nashville as well, it was quite expensive for piece of wood but I thought it was worth the splurge being that it fit perfectly under the fly screen and I just love the coloring of the wood.

Five degree days are for making yummy comfort foods, snuggling on the couch and lighting lots of candles and that is just what we have been doing.

Just to keep you guys posted about the shop I still feel like I am dreaming! I love being a shopkeeper even more than I would have ever imagined and I am so very thankful.

The shop will be closed for the month of February so that we can make some cosmetic changes (like lighting and such) and because we are going to be doing some traveling. We will reopen March 1st ready for Spring!

I hope that you are warm and cozy no matter what part of the world you happen to be in and that you continue to find inspiration from my blog! I truly love blogging and sharing our home and shop with you! Until next time!