Friday, April 6, 2018

Weekly Inspiration #2 and My Own Shop!!!

Hello and welcome to my second "Weekly Inspiration" post! First I want to share with you guys the most exciting news...I am opening my own brick and mortar shop here in Edinboro, PA! It all happened so fast that I still can't believe it! I have been working towards having my own shop for sometime now in the hopes that by the time Millie was in school I would be ready both financially and inventory wise. I have always longed to have my own shop where I could provide people with my style of primitive farmhouse furniture and home decor both old and new. Well my frustrations have been mounting lately because my inventory has reached such a high level that it is more than we have room for. Our dining room has essentially become a stock room and you can't even step foot into our attic or garage. I have also been feeling frustration creatively...working/renovating/decorating our home and only selling my goods online isn't enough for me anymore and I feel the need for a greater challenge. Also, lets be honest...I am not getting any younger and the closer I get to 40 the more I am reminded of how fast life goes. I kept hearing this voice in my head saying "What are you waiting for?". I tried repeatedly to drown that voice out but it just didn't work and actually left me feeling even more depressed. All of these feelings caused me to feel like I had crossed a line and the idea of having my own shop suddenly went from a dream/goal to something that I had to make happen.  I started to look into renting a space and seeing what options there were in our area. Well it just so happened that I found the perfect one! We knew the moment we saw it that it was the perfect space for us creatively and decided to make the leap and make it ours! Sometimes things fall into place for a reason even though the timing isn't exactly as planned. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am to have such a supportive family.

Neal and I are so excited and equally nervous to start this adventure! I think Neal is equally as excited to have his wood working area back in the garage! The space we are renting is just awesome and we can't wait to start working on it! Oh the ideas I have! I will be documenting the whole transformation on Instagram so make sure to follow along.

Some of my shop goals are to always have it stocked with ironstone, vintage linens, and farmhouse style furniture. More details coming soon about it's location and grand opening date!

I have had to pinch myself every morning this week because I just can't believe I am really going to have my own shop. In case you are wondering...yes I will still blog, sell on Etsy and have my booth at The Taylor Antique Mall (this adorable green stool is available in my booth). Well my to do list is longer today than usual so I best get to it! Can't wait to share this journey with you guys!