Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ironstone Jackpot

I have been really hitting the ironstone jackpot lately and in between summer camps, family gatherings and yard work, I finally had a moment to share my finds with you!

I was lucky enough to come across another ironstone soap dish similar to my other one , I spotted it at an Estate Sale for $5 dollars a couple of weeks back. I think it is so funny that I had never seen one of these before and that I ended up finding two of them in such a short time!

I decided that this would be the one that I kept on my kitchen sink since it is a little chipped already. The other one made me nervous there in all its perfection, I think it will go into our newly renovated bathroom when we have it all done.

I bought the little tureen at a garden and antique sale by my Mom's house, it is perfect for my scrub brushes and an extra bar of French soap that I snatched for a quarter at a yard sale.

Then this past weekend I really lucked out at the flea market and brought home with me some really great pieces of ironstone. I usually don't see that much ironstone at our flea market but that wasn't the case this time! This sugar bowl is one of the pieces I bought, for less than a dollar!

I love when I see that a seller at the flea market has his stuff in bins for you to dig through. This usually means that they have no idea what they have in those bins and that they don't care what any of it is worth. Plus I LOVE digging through items because you just have no idea what you might find. In the case of this sugar bowl I started to walk towards a bin that I wanted to look through and I saw this beauty right on top!

And then as I started to dig more I found these two ironstone plates. I kept digging in hopes that I would find the lid to the sugar bowl but no such luck. When I held my items up to the seller he said, "Two bucks for everything". Well okay I said and skipped off ( I didn't really, I kept my cool and saved my happy dance for later).

This tiny ironstone scoop is another thing I found in the bottom of a bin at the flea market, I can't believe it wasn't broken. I love ironstone scoops and have a couple of them already but they are hard to come by.

I found the platters at the flea market too, I am thinking about selling the larger one, it is in mint condition and oh so pretty.

And then just as I was starting down the last row at the flea market I spotted this ironstone bowl and you know how I feel about ironstone bowls! And the seller only wanted 5 dollars for it! I couldn't believe how much ironstone I was leaving with and I had barely spent any money!

And to catch you up on what we have been working on around here....

I started to gut the "gross" bathroom this past weekend...pretty huh? And I have the baby's room almost finished, I have about two months until she is due so I am feeling the time crunch! Neal has been working on getting Eli's closet demolished and rebuilding it.

That is layer upon layer of old wall paper (not the pretty kind) up there at the top, all of the walls and ceilings were covered in it when we first moved in. I am hoping this will be the last of it that I have to remove!

Eli is always eager to help and in his own words "will not be like the inexperienced people on Renovation Realities" when he grows up:)

Monday, June 2, 2014

I Need A Clone

I think I said the same thing last year at this time but Spring always makes me wish I had a clone. That way one of me could work outside and one of me could work inside. There is always so much to do this time of year and just not enough hours in the day. I LOVE working out in my yard and have spent the last week edging, weeding and mulching. What I don't love is coming in at 7 in the evening and having all the dirt that was tracked in stick to your feet because you haven't had time to wash the floor in the last couple of days and having the piles of stuff you bought at the flea market scattered all about. Needless to say I don't have much time for blogging in the Spring. And I wish I did because I have found so many great things over the past couple of weeks that I am dying to share with you guys. I have really lucked out at estate sales and the flea market, lots of stuff to sell and lots of stuff to keep:)

Here is some the stuff I bought at the flea market yesterday.

When I am not working outside I have been working on getting Eli's new room painted so that I can start the baby's room. In the meantime I have a huge pile of stuff accumulating outside the nursery and I can't wait to get started on it!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the items I have for the baby's room.

My viburnum is in full bloom so I made sure I found the time to take some pictures of the beautiful blossoms. 

I am also making some finishing touches to my sewing/craft room so that I can share it with you sometime soon so stay tuned for that! 

And MANY THANKS to Jennifer over at Town and Country Living for featuring our home in her Charming Farmhouse Series! What an unbelievable honor!