Wednesday, October 21, 2015

White, Wicker and Quilts

I love the way this part of our living room looks when the sunshine comes streaming in so today I thought why not share it with you guys!

All of the white mixed with the wicker and wood looks so pretty with the bright sunshine on it.

I was so excited to find an antique linen pillow case on Etsy with a tan colored monogram on it. It is a long and skinny pillow case so I can use it folded over this way or long ways on a rectangular pillow. The chair slipcover and white quilt are both ebay finds.

Quilts in a basket are one of my favorite things and a staple in every room of our farmhouse. I am quite obsessed with my newest quilt that I bought at the Springfield Antique Show, it just begs to be photographed.

As far as what's been going on with house...Last weekend we got two walls of plaster and lathe down from the dining room in preparation to put the new windows in. And this week at night after the kids are in bed I have been removing the plaster and lathe from the ceiling. This is the area where the pellet stove was just to give you a frame of reference.

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of mouse, chipmunk and squirrel "droppings" that are up there and fall on me while I am doing it. It is all worth it though because the ceiling is going to look amazing once I am done! This weekend we are going to put the new windows in along the wall behind me in the picture above...can't wait.

I will leave you with some prettier images....

All my best till next time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Cozy Corner

I love this time of year...laying under a quilt in the evenings watching a scary movie with all the candles lit. I love making a room cozy and this is the perfect time of year to do so and it is especially fun when you have new goodies to work with!

This corner of our family room has lots of new goodies in it. I bought the dresser at the end of the couch when Neal and I went to Niagara On The Lake, Canada for our 10 year anniversary this past summer. We went to an Antique Co-op Lakeshore Antiques while we were there and it is was full of so many things I wanted. I stood and looked at this amazing dresser for over an hour while Neal's stomach ate itself, much to his dismay. It meant putting other things back but I knew this dresser had to be mine.

I loved the way the sewing machine table looked here but the truth is I needed something with storage in this space. And the best part about it is that it's on casters so I can easily wheel it out when I need in the drawers! The dresser had very ugly handles on it but I changed those out for some more fitting ones that cost only $1 a piece that I found at Buffalo ReUse  on our last trip there.

The little white corner cupboard is also a purchase I made this past summer. I found it in Tidioute, PA in an antique store called Tidioute Consignment. Tidioute is where the cabin we stay at is and we are actually going there this weekend for our women and kids only annual fall trip. It's my favorite place on earth and I can't wait and I will definitely be visiting the antique shop again.

I just love the little cupboard, it has the cutest little drawer and the original blue milk paint inside even!

The ironstone bowl with the pumpkins in it is also new, costing me a whole dollar at the flea market:)

I have a couple other things I wanted to share from the this room but the sunlight was just not co-operating when I was taking these pictures so hopefully next week. This is just about the only room that I can make pretty right now. I am preparing the dining room for some reno work as we are going to be putting in the new windows and taking down the plaster and lath ceiling sometime this month.

Until next time....stay cozy!