Monday, September 10, 2018

Farmhouse Inspiration ~ Monograms And A Touch Of Fall

Hello friends and happy September! This post is about two of my favorite things that I absolutely love incorporating into our farmhouse... monograms and fall decor.

 I have been adding some subtle touches of fall to the house in the hopes that the cooler weather will soon make it's way to us! Yesterday and today have been on the chilly side but otherwise we have been in the high 80's and 90's as far as temperatures go and I am just really ready for those cool windy fall days!

Antiques with monograms, especially linens, are something that I always search for when I hit estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores.

This pillow that my talented friend Mel from Rustic Farmhouse Wares made is one my new favorite monogrammed pieces. I love thinking about the women that sat and made these pieces and wondering what their day or life may have been like.

Of course monogrammed antiques are something I will try to keep the shop stocked with as well!
And speaking of the shop we officially have a GRAND OPENING DATE....OCTOBER 13TH!!! Because of the age of the building we are not going to have to do quite as much work to operate as originally thought, which is what we where hoping for. If there is anything I hate it is when people buy a historic building and then take all of the history out of it! We actually aren't allowed to make any changes to the building, not because it is historic or old sadly, but because it would put us in different permit category according to the state. Good for us though, and good for the building!

We have been working day and night at the shop to get it ready for the big day! I absolutely can not wait to share with you guys what we have going on behind these doors! Hopefully many of you will be coming to see for yourself! So many of you have messaged me already that you will be there! Doors will open at 11 AM! Please visit our Facebook page or for store hours and other details! Also, if you would like to be on our mailing list please email me (link in sidebar) with your address and I will send you shop information about when we will be having events and open houses.

I know I will be seeing many of you this weekend at the Springfield, Ohio Antique Extravaganza! And then after that we have the Vintage Market Days Nashville "Spirit of Christmas" Show Nov. 30th, Dec. 1st and 2nd! We have been wanting to do a Christmas show for many years now so we are soooo excited about it!

Hopefully I will be back on here soon with some images of the inside of the shop...thanks for following along and stay tuned!