Monday, March 19, 2018

Our Master Bedroom Part One

Finally...some pictures of our master bedroom for you guys! Thanks so much for waiting so patiently!! Our room is not completely done yet, still lots to do like paint baseboards, build cupboards,  rehang doors and such but I did want to share with you guys what is done! After 9 nine years of thinking about how we wanted this room to look it feels so good to see it coming to fruition! And it feels even better to wake up and see this gorgeous ceiling that Neal worked so hard on!

As usual with my design I wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel with this room. My goal was to create a timeless, simple, calming and peaceful place for us. I have to be honest with you guys, I find myself gravitating back to this room throughout the day whenever I can so I think I achieved my goal. We put up my very favorite thing, beadboard, for added texture in the room and then I painted it Glidden's Swan White. I get lots of emails about what beadboard we use, I only recommend the real wood tongue and groove kind if you can afford it. We used the pressed wood pre-painted sheets for a couple of projects when we first moved in and I really don't recommend it.

I found our bed frame on I looked at hundreds of beds over about a six month long period. I was having trouble finding one that was the old iron bed design that I wanted but that was dark brown/bronze (it looks black in the pictures but it is brown) and then I finally found this one. We love it so far and it was pretty inexpensive and easy to put together. No I am not collaborating with Wayfair lol....I had to pay for the bed just like everyone else.

The trunk at the end of the bed is also from the Springfield Show, one of Neal's best finds yet.

Our quilt I found at the Springfield, Ohio Antique Show. Actually I bought the quilt from the same vendor that we bought the trunk from, she has gorgeous stuff. You guys know how I love all white quilts so I couldn't grab this beauty fast enough. It is actually made by Ralph Lauren along with the shams. I usually put a blanket across the bottom of our beds but I just couldn't bear to cover this beauty.

The little rug next to my side of the bed is actually a bath mat from Marshalls. I use bath mats a lot for rugs around the house because they are usually white and are easy to throw in the wash.

Our lamps are from Hobby Lobby, I removed the cage type shades that they came with and put Edison bulbs in them. I spent way more on these lamps than I have ever spent on lamps before ($40 a piece!! Crazy right!?) but they were exactly what I was looking for so I thought they were worth the expense. And the fact that so many other things in this room were either free or super cheap made me feel a little less guilty about spending so much money just on lamps. For example my nightstand (an old washstand) was only $10 dollars at a yard sale (that color and all). It is perfect for holding some of my decorating books and magazines. Our dust ruffle is a hand me down from a friend of my Moms. It is made by Pottery Barn and is exactly what I would have bought if I were to go pick one out. LOVE a good hand me down.

I use an antique flat sheet (Springfield also)  in combination with a store bought fitted sheet. I think it is a common misconception that antique linens can't be used. I am determined to show people that they can!

I made the smaller pillow seen here (and also the other ticking one in other pictures) in front and the larger antique Transylvanian linen pillow case is from Linen and Wood on Etsy. I seriously looked at this pillow case a hundred times on Etsy but the price was just way out of my budget and then suddenly I looked one time and it was 50% off. I had an Etsy gift card from my wonderful in-laws that I had been saving for something special and this was definitely that something special.

I mean just look at this gorgeous detailing...and cream and white together on the same pillow case...ahhh perfection.

The dresser in the corner is a thrift store find that I painted Behr's Cottage White. I don't care that the drawers are wonky...I save the best dressers I find for my customers and keep the ones that I think people might not love the way I would. The mirror is hand me down from my Mom. The enamel pitcher and bowl are from a local antique shop.

I am currently working on curtains for the front windows but on this little side window I just put a cafe rod and some pretty 50 cent curtains (made by Martha Stewart) I bought at the flea market.

Neal's nightstand is another family hand me down. A basket underneath holds his numerous pairs of mesh shorts.

This room gets such amazing light, as you can see from the pictures.

Well like I said there is still a lot to do in here...on my to do list today is get those curtains finished and get the antique mirror hung above the bed.

I hope you enjoyed this first look at our bedroom, we sure are loving it! Thank you guys so much for being such wonderful followers and I will continue to share new parts of the room with you as we get them finished!

AND DO NOT FORGET....The Springfield Antique Show May Extravaganza  is just around the corner! I have been busy getting things priced and painted and will be out looking for goodies right up until the show! I am hoping to have time to show you guys some of the things I am taking this year.  I am in spot #550! If you love flea markets/antique shows I strongly encourage you to come to this show! Not only do you get to meet me but there are sooo many goodies that are really affordable!

Walls ~ Glidden's Swan White
Windows ~ Anderson
Ceiling Joists (Original) ~ Stained Minwax Dark Walnut
Floors (Original)  ~ Stained Minwax Dark Walnut


  1. Sooo beautiful! You have a unique style. Sweet, simple, and soothing.

  2. Oh my, it is just lovely! It must be so cozy to sleep in there. Well done!

  3. you certainly have created a warm, inviting room! Its truly lovely.

  4. This is so wonderful! So inspiring.

  5. OMG!! How I would love to sleep in this room every night. Just beautiful.

  6. So peaceful and calming! Can't wait to see part 2!

  7. Such a lovely and peaceful place to relax in, thanks and now part 2.

  8. Beautiful.....inspiring in that it is so clutter free.....ahh...!!!

  9. you truly have a gift..i just love the way you pull everything together and it looks so clean and polished..and the ceiling does look awesome.. can't wait to see what ya have done to the other part of the room..

  10. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Wow! What a beautiful room. The view from your windows will be, or rather, is amazing. Any time of year. Many times I stood at our upper hallway window in a farmhouse we used to live in and stare across the fields . Winter storms and full moons on a summer night, ahhhh. Sweet dreams.

  12. The cost of your new lamps is small when you consider how many years you'll enjoy them. I love your bed linens!

  13. Meagan I can’t say it enough what a wonderful job you and Neal have done on this room (actually your whole house). Your bedroom is just fabulous! And your photography is amazing.

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