Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Warming Things Up

I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas but Novembers here feel like winter so I like to add some warmth to each room with blankets, candles, warm lighting and subtle touches of red here and there throughout the house.

The cold weather and snow always gets me in cleaning/rearranging/make things cozy mode and so I have been doing just that. I moved the big card catalog that my Dad gave me out of the dining room (I will share where I put it in another post) as I was wanting something with more height to hold some of my ironstone. Then I remembered that I had just bought this beautiful hutch top from my friend Kristin. I had been planning on using it for a display at the shop but when I went out to look at it in the garage where it was patiently waiting I knew it would be just perfect for the dining room.

I painted the outside Behr's Cottage White and left the inside the original paint. I love the way it turned out and it is the perfect size for some of my bigger ironstone bowls.

You would never believe with all of the sun that pours into these windows in the morning that it was so bitter cold out there!

I am loving the new vintage style dish rack that I recently got from With all of the baking that I do this time of year it really has been coming in handy! I love that I can have stuff drying on the top and on the bottom.

In the master bedroom I added a down comforter to the end of the bed (a must this time of year) and a soft monogrammed grain sack over a king size down pillow to cozy it up. It sure is hard to get out from under that down comforter on these cold mornings though! The rug on the floor helps with that a little bit... keeping my feet off of the cold ground until I get my slippers on.

I hope this post finds you well and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you live in America!

And don't forget our shop Christmas Open House is Saturday November 24th from 11 to 5! The link to our shop website is in the sidebar and it has the shop address and regular hours information!


  1. As always, your honesty and pictures are lovely.

  2. Beautiful photos Megan! ❤️ I love the touches of red and how you slowly transition your home into Christmas! ❤️

  3. Your warmth looks amazing! Love the subtle touches of red. Happy Thanksgiving!

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