Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weekly Inspiration ~ Ironstone

This weeks inspiration is IRONSTONE...with its simple and timeless beauty it is one of my absolute favorite things to collect. I just love simple, clean looking all white antiques that have a purpose and ironstone is the epitome of that.

I have been collecting ironstone for about 16 years now and I have quite a collection at this point. I get some of it on Etsy and antique stores  but most of my pieces are from the flea market. I don't worry about makers markings or worth I just buy what speaks to me. I love using it, organizing it, rearranging it, you name.

Whether stacked or lined up in a row all together....

                                   or a single piece standing alone I just never seem to tire of it. 

I love the weight of ironstone and that it is rustic yet beautiful at the same time. These scalloped bowls weigh a ton and are so simple but also so striking.

Ironstone can be displayed in cupboards, on shelves, in old dish drainers, the possibilities are endless.

So many of my pieces cost next to nothing because they are chipped or discolored and those are my favorites. 

I got the larger pitcher pictured below at the Springfield, Ohio Antique Show last fall. I was actually at a booth picking up a table my mom had bought me (the one the pitchers are on) and I spotted this pitcher from afar. I couldn't get to it fast enough, there was absolutely no one even near it mind you, and when I finally did reach it which seemed like an eternity given all of the stuff I was carrying the woman at the booth said "oh it is not for sale dear it's all broken". What?! The handle had been broken and glued and she was only using it to display the flowers she was selling. My heart was broken. And then her husband said..."sell it to her if she wants it"! Then the woman said  "well it is not worth anything" and I tried to look like I agreed and we settled on the price of $10. And we lived happily ever after:)

By the way there is tons of ironstone at the Springfield, Ohio Antique Extravaganzas and I sell quite a bit myself. I am going to be doing a blog post soon about why you need to go this show. Be prepared to be totally sick of hearing me go on about it. Its just that so many people I talk to don't even know about this show and it is amazing! The next extravaganza is May 19th, 20, 21st and I am booths 551 and 552!

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks inspiration and are leaving here feeling inspired!! I have gotten some emails with some readers requests for future weekly inspiration topics so feel free so send me an idea or request if you have one!!


  1. I love your collection of ironstone! I have quite a few pieces myself and I enjoy decorating with them. I am a bit leary of using them for food though. I am wondering if you use your pieces and how to know if they are safe?

  2. Beautiful collection! I have a few pieces and I agree, ironstone is perfectly rustic and elegant. So solid and the shine is irresistible.

    Great score at the flea'll always remember where you found that piece!


  3. I just DROOL over your photos. Thanks

  4. Great idea for a series of posts. I love all your gorgeous ironstone pieces. The pitchers have such wonderful lines.

  5. Great post Megan. Your home is gorgeous and your photos are beautiful! I can't see right now because my eyes are full of hearts! 😍

  6. What a beautiful collection 16 years in the making! What I love about ironstone is the curvy lines, the creaminess, the gleam, the solidity and timelessness. It's nice that there are modern pieces that will blend with it (plain creamy stoneware, maybe with a scalloped edge and/or a raised dotted border) so you can eat off them with no health worries, yet they can be displayed seamlessly with antique ironstone.