Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Love For Old Things

I know you guys love old things just as much as I do so this post is dedicated to vintage kitchen items....oh how I love things like old hand carved wooden spoons, old white pitchers, vintage fly screens, antique silverware, big white mixing bowls, zinc lid jars, soft and stained from use vintage linens, wooden cutting boards with thousands of knife marks...the list goes on and on. And for me they are what makes my farmhouse kitchen complete.

When I head to the flea market these are the things that I seek out the most. I love that these things are beautiful, but also that they were used over and over again by someone previous to me.

I recently found some beautiful ironstone pitchers and wooden spoons at the flea market.

I also love finding things that aren't old but look like they could be, like these measuring cups that I found at TJMaxx on clearance and the wire egg holder from Hobby Lobby.

These salt and pepper shakers were also a clearance TJMaxx find and I just love them.

Most of my antique silverware is from estate sales. I usually buy it by the boxfull and boy do I love going through that box when I get home, sometimes I am lucky enough to find the "B" monogram on them.

All my best until the next post!!! Oh and my computer (which is brand new!!!) is giving me all kinds of problems and for some reason I get all kinds of spam, pop-ups, you name it when I go to reply to any of the comments on my blog(and yes I have virus protection) if you have a question for me please email me directly at so that I can answer you asap!!!


  1. I love all of your wonderful finds!

  2. Very pretty. I love old wooden spoons. Your linens are darling too.

  3. Your images are perfectly lovely as is your style! Love the spoons and the setting your created on your counter. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Have taken notice of your farmhouse style for years now. And your love of old inspires my love to collect and design around things gathered and collected European farmhouse.
    Love your gathered and collected style, always have found a special awwww! Inspiring white rustic beauty here.


  5. I just want to say that I know Instagram is so easy, but please don't ever stop blogging. I enjoy your blog so much and all your photos are so wonderful.

  6. I love that you collect silverware of your initial. Love your blog!

  7. Such a fresh,pretty post.Love your treasures..the old and the new!