Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dining Room On A Sunny Morning

It was such a beautiful sunny morning that I just had to take some pictures.

Come this time of year I spend most of my day working outside in the yard so I like to keep things simple inside.

You can see that the couch is back in its original position. My mom was getting a new couch so we got her old one and put it in our new family room as it is longer and more comfortable. The pattern on the couch my mom gave us is not my style (not my mom's either that is why she didn't want it anymore) so I ordered a slip cover for it. I just didn't feel like I had the brain power to make this one myself like I did for our other couch. I will show you how the slip cover looks when it arrives!

I have been in a save every penny mood lately, even more than usual, because there are so many costly things that we are working towards for the house, like siding for instance. Sometimes I feel like all of my efforts inside are pointless when my house looks as bad as ours does on the outside. But I have really been lucky lately as far as finding great things at really good prices. Like this watering can for instance was only $5 at TJ Maxx, and the cute wire basket was also only $5 and they both look perfect in my $4 estate sale wooden tray. Even the white azalea was less than $5!

 One thing I can not find however are cute baby girl clothes. Everything is bright pink, with scratchy bows and ugly butterflies! When I was pregnant with Eli I used to see the prettiest baby girl stuff and now of course we are having a girl and I have yet to see anything subtle and pretty:(

My sincere thanks for all of your sweet congratulations on my pregnancy! You guys are the best! I haven't even started the baby's room yet, we have to do some work to the guest room before we move Eli in there. But I know just how I want it to look and have been collecting things over the years in the hopes I had a girl and promise to share it all with you!


  1. I must make a trip to TJ Max. Cute wire basket and watering can. They look perfect on your table.

  2. Your dining room is so pretty. Yes, I know what you mean about little girl's clothes. It's hard to find pretty clothes in soft colors. My daughter buys a lot of the "Tea" brand for her little girl. My daughter doesn't like the garish pink stuff out there, but she loves the Japanese prints they use in "Tea" clothing. I don't know if this is your cup of tea, but I'm sure others may have suggestions of good clothing sources for baby girls.

  3. Have you checked the Oshkosh B'Gosh website? I used to find sweet things for my granddaughter there. Congratulations!

  4. Isn't morning light the best. I love getting up before everyone and taking photos as the sun comes up.

  5. Your home is beautiful. You have inspired me to start decorating again.

  6. I am excited about your news of a baby girl. The "just right" clothes will show up. You make me hunger for a simpler life. I have booths in antique malls and keep my van and house torn up bring stuff in, cleaning it, pricing it, etc. Oh, just to have it to just normal for a bit. Where do you stash the stuff you sell so it is out of sight?

    1. Funny you should say that because after being at some estate sales and the flea market this past weekend that is exactly how my house looks! Things I am washing, things I am measuring, things I am taking pictures of! After I do all that I take everything to the upstairs bedroom to store it until it sells. I am working on trying to get a more organized system but there just doesn't seem to be enough time! Sounds like you understand:) What I wouldn't give for my own little garage to store everything!

  7. Your simple inside is easy on they eyes. . . summer babies are funner than winter babies, I think, as far as outfits. . . cutie little onsies with some ruffled bloomers, white cotton gowns, awwww I want a baby around again. . . when is the due date Meg. . . ?

  8. Sounds like a line of baby girl dresses made from old linens and grain sacks might be in your future?

  9. I started a little line of simple little dresses made out of soft old flour and sugar sacks, called" FLEA MARKET BABY". They can be pinafores or painting smocks. I don't blog much anymore so have no idea how to send a picture but will if you tell me how.

  10. DO check in at Once Upon a Child...they have a bazillion racks of expertly organized used (sometimes new still with tags!) clothing. You will find things you never imagined! CONGRATS!

  11. Congrats on a baby Girl !
    And so looking forward to the make over on both bedrooms Eli and the new little one :)
    Love all you do over here, I send off your postings to my non blogging mother who lives primitive farmhouse and she is hooked on your home.
    I was way more farmhouse in the 90's and started leaning more French, now wanting to lean back more elegant French farmhouse due to some of the pieces I have collected....you my dear inspire the best farmhouse life in gathering and collecting.

    Happy days ahead.


  12. What a beautiful post and your home is so lovely, you get me so much inspiration!
    Have a great week, take care...
    Love Titti

  13. Just found your blog today via Town and Country Living. Love your style and am a new follower :) Can't wait to spend some time peeking around your place. I have pinned several of your photos already today! Have a wonderful Sunday, I'll check in again soon!

  14. Dear Megan, your house is so beautiful!! Congratulations for your baby! Hugs, Mnauela