Friday, January 3, 2014

Farmhouse Christmas Part 4

I know Christmas is over but the last month was so hectic that I never had the time to show you our kitchen all decorated and we finally have most of the new room finished so I don't have to worry about carefully angling my camera shots anymore! This year in the kitchen I wanted to keep the Christmas decorating simple, using fresh greens with little pops of red here and there mostly done with linens.

I also wanted to share some of the wonderful presents I got from Neal this Christmas, he always does a great job but he really went above and beyond this year. No handmade gifts from him (lots of adorable ones from my son though) this time, unless you count the new room of course, but lots of really thoughtful gifts. One of the things is the beautiful French linen hanging on the ladder, I love its nubby texture and of course the red stripe!

And I finally found the perfect place for my sign from that I love so much. And you may have noticed that I painted the walls, they are now Glidden's "Swan White" to match the new room. 

I hung a cow bell in the middle of a wreath with the "Believe" ribbon that Mary from Homestead Treasures on Etsy sent me and I love the way it all looks together.

The awesome antique scale is one of the other great things that Neal bought me this year. I have wanted one of these for so long and can't believe that I now have my very own! She's a beauty, and still even has the original hanging weight.

I filled my old milk carrier with mason jars filled with cedar clippings and put it on a red stripe table runner from TJMaxx.

These beautiful stockings are also new, I bought them from Mountain Momma Designs on Etsy, the same place I bought my other all white quilt stockings. I just love these with their little bits of red quilt showing and they are absolutely beautifully made.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did but it always goes too fast! In the next post I will show you the new room, I promise!


  1. Hi Megan ~ I love your kitchen! everything looks warm & cozy ~ love the bright sunshine on all of your things ~
    Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your home with us :)
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  2. I am so in love with your kitchen and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see the sign I created hanging there! Be sure to link this post at Knick of Time Tuesday!

  3. Always such inspiring ideas. I love the feel of your kitchen. . . I spend so much time on each picture just so I don't miss anything. . . I have to say. . . I have a white and black kettle like yours (mine sets on my stove as well) and I have the same milk carrier as well. . . right now mine has zinc pots stuffed with paper white bulbs that are just now showing signs of life. . . missed Christmas but I will take cheery flowers anytime in the winter months. . .

    Can't wait to see you *new room* please do hurry. . . your hubby did a good job on gifts. . . lucky you. . .

    happy 2014 :) d

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!! Love the feel of your kitchen.....everything displayed so pretty. Fun to see just a peek into the room with warm and cozy!!
    We are your newest follower, be back soon!!

    Glad & Celia xo

  5. Such a beautiful room! All of your details are just perfect. And, what a great husband to pick out just what you wanted.

  6. Thanks for sharing the rest of your beautiful, country, farmhouse home with us! I love it and your hubby did a great job with the Christmas gifts as you said!!

  7. You have a beautiful home. Love the simple style. Thanks for sharing, Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  8. Love........I have a new idea for my cow bell now;) the stockings are gorgeous....everything is so cozy

  9. I always love seeing pics of your home! I love every detail!

  10. wow !!! I follow a lot of blogs !!!!!!! but, I have to say yours is right up there at the top at being one of my all time favorites......BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Seeing your home makes me sad that I left PA and all those beautiful old farmhouses! I need to get an IPAD so I can sit anywhere and look at your lovely blog and the others you like. I no longer miss Country Home Magazine, I can just look at your beautiful home and dream about starting our renovation come spring. My home is a 1940s bungalow, but the guest house is a "mini" farmhouse and I am getting so many ideas from you! Always excited about your next post!

  12. hi Megan,
    i've just discovered your amazing blog and i'm so happy i have. your home is gorgeous beyond words and i have so enjoyed reading all of your old posts. i'm now folling you and will visit often for more inspiration.
    wishing you a fabulous 2014

  13. Megan, I love your table runner. I am kicking myself! I had that in my shopping carriage last month at TJs and put it back. Ahhhh!!! It all looks beautiful. Happy New Year!

  14. Megan, I have fallen in love with your beautiful home, and it inspires me for my home! I hope your New Year is fabulous!!

  15. Debi sent me over here, and I am in LOVE!!! Until I located Debi's blog, I had never seen anything in this "REAL old house" genre. You two are so inspirational! My house is a 1950's ranch on the outside, but slides back to "Early America" on the inside....not prim, but still a bit old...
    Thank you so much for sharing your home and narrations!.....(and your ironstone...ahhhhhhh)
    Blessings to you in this bright new year,

  16. Gorgeous! I so LoVe the style! All your collections are so warm and cozy! I am new to your blog & will be back often. A joy for sure.

  17. OMG> Girl.. I am working my way through your posts one by one. Just lovin your style. Like you, I decorated my tiny 8 foot wide and 24 foot long tiny house really simple this year. Lots of greenery and what ever nature supplied me with to add pops of Christmas Cheer.
    Tonita @

  18. Neil you are a good man , do you have any brothers??? lol just kidding !!! im very happily married and very lucky as well,just wanted to say I stumbled on your site by accident an so glad I did your kitchen is a great inspiration to me as well as others from what ive read .. thanks for sharing .have a fabulous day :>