Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue and Red Boy's Room

I was cleaning my son's room and thought why not show it on my blog?

You know how I feel about color but my son loves red and blue so I painted the walls "Sisal" by Martha Stewart to create a calm back drop for all of the vibrant colors. Most items in his room are from the flea market, thrift store or were hand made.

Like this old library cart that I found at the thrift store for $10. I just painted it blue to match everything else. It is perfect for holding his many books. The red can is a flea market find that I put his blocks in. You know how I feel about cute storage.

Neal made this long book holder when our son was a baby to go along side his crib. Once we moved the crib out and the bed in it still seemed to work. I have been on the search for a great head board...last week at the flea market I saw a cute metal head board for $10....but I had to no way to get it home:(

I found a large piece of wood in that "Discounted Wood Remnants" bin at the Home Depot for $2. I painted it with chalk board paint and then had my sister paint "Eli's Workshop" on it for above his workbench.

I found the Ikea duvet cover on Ebay and the little quilt I found on Etsy.

And I just found this adorable Country Living pillow yesterday at Gabriels.  I don't know if you have a Gabriels where you live but they have the best deals.

The framed picture is a page from a calender that my sister framed for her kids years back and then passed on to me. Old jars keep Eli's small toys organized but still visible. And we just found this adorable barn for $2 at a yard sale last week...I am teaching my son early how to spot a good deal:)

There is more I want to show of his room but it started to cloud up as I was taking these pictures, so stay tuned. Thanks for visiting and I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. How adorable! I can't believe how close your style is to mine and we love all the same things. I did my boys rooms in blue and white with touches of red when they were little. I look forward to seeing more picture when you post them. Have a good Memorial weekend!


  2. That is such an adorable room and with touches of blue and red, my favorite colors. You have such a gift, Megan! And you are so resourceful--always finding good deals and making things over. I have never heard of a Gabriels. It is like a "Tuesday Morning" store where you never know what kind of merchandise will be there? I have the same duvet cover for our queen bed.

  3. LOVE the ABC book holder. So cute!

  4. You know this room is done with finds but it still looks 'designer' to me!

  5. How charming...such a cute boys room! I'll bet he loves it!