Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trying To Be Good

My mom and I spent last Saturday going to some antique and junk shops, I am yearning for the flea market and I needed a quick fix.  I promised myself that I would not overspend on something just because I was desperate for a good find. Our shopping trip proved fruitful, I did not overspend (actually quite the contrary) and I found quite a few exciting things, this transferware platter is one of them.

 I have been wanting to put something different in this space above the hooks in my kitchen but wasn't quite sure what.....then I saw this beautiful platter in an antique store and new it was just the right thing.

It was a great price and when I took it to the counter the shop owner told me he would take even more off the price! Well okay by me! I just love it. The soft yellow color goes perfectly with all the other yellow pieces I have collected, like my favorite yellowware bowl.

Another recent purchase is this egg holder that I found at TJMaxx, it was on clearance for $6 and can you believe I almost thought about not getting it? It was one of those "I am trying to be good days", boy would I have been mad at myself for that one!

I have had lots of inquiries into my dish towels...the two striped ones on the left are from TJMaxx (also bought those on the "trying to be good day", it clearly wasn't working out for me). I love dish towels and am always on the hunt for ones in the light brown color that I love so much. The third one in the above picture is not actually a towel but just a piece of antique linen that I hang to look like a towel because I can't actually find any (afforable ones) that look like that! I know I sound like a broken record but why are these things so hard to find! I mean when I saw these dish towels hanging in TJMaxx I almost knocked down a woman trying to get to them!

The ironstone sugar bowl seen below is one of the other great things I bought this past weekend. I also bought a quilt and an awesome rustic table but you will have to be patient to see those!

Thank you to all of my followers that commented on our first Farmhouse Friday, you guys are the best! HAPPY EASTER!


  1. Meg,

    All of your purchases are perfect and true to your style...never feel like you are "splurging". I think they bring you so much pleasure and we love to be inspired by your pretty home. I wish I had the wall space to do what you do...still I like looking!!

    Happy Easter and many blessings!

    Jane x

  2. Gotta that ironstone sugar and that transferware platter is beautiful. HAPPY EASTER!!


  3. Such wonderful finds!! I've found some great inexpensive dishtowels at Ikea in the past. I love the colors of the ones you found and I would've knocked someone over for them too!! LOL!! Have a beautiful day and a very happy Easter!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  4. I love your blog! I have so many of the same items you do but you do such a beautiful job placing them & photographing them. Think today was my favorite (I say that every post)!!!! Jan

  5. Love the platter! Great post and thanks so much for sharing where you found the towels. We seem to be on the same page about kitchen towels....always on the hunt for ones just like these. You may have just singlehandedly assisted TJ's with a mad rush for towels!

  6. Megan,
    Love all your wonderful finds. I just love to sink into your beautiful pics of your home.
    Happy Easter.

  7. Hi Megan! Love the transferware platter and ironstone sugar bowl! I love finding old ironstone platters and especially at a great price! Guess where I am heading next week? Erie -- going to see my new grandbaby that was just born! Hopefully I make it to Romantique Boutique while I am there! I always look forward to your posts to see pics of your beautiful farmhouse and especially love to see what goodies you have scored since your last post! Take care! Donna

    1. How wonderful to hear that you have a new grandbaby Donna and congratulations! Hope you have a nice visit to our area and that the weather cooperates for once! Best wishes! ~Megan

    2. How wonderful to hear that you have a new grandbaby Donna and congratulations! Hope you have a nice visit to our area and that the weather cooperates for once! Best wishes! ~Megan

  8. Great finds! You really made out. Can't wait to see the table and quilt.
    You do such a beautiful job photographing your home...but then again,
    your home is beautiful!

  9. I especially loved the Farmhouse Fridays. It was a feast for the eyes and spirit. I appreciate all the work that each of you put into it. It inspires me to feather my nest more often and put my treasures out where I can see them daily. Thank you for your blogs.

  10. Your platter is a great find! I too am itching for the flea market. We have one in our area the weekend after Easter. Can't wait!

  11. Love everything as usual!! Love the platter and all the colors are so calming. and thank you! ....I have just decided to get our old doors out of the attic and put them back on! They have glass and when kids were really young we removed them 'just in case' but I think its time to put them back on! They will add a nice detail. I will have to paint them so that part may not be too much fun! ;) ~Mel

  12. Just so lovely! You have such a way with all your decorating!
    Happy Easter!

  13. Beautiful finds! Love the sugar bowl!!

  14. Beautiful finds! Love the sugar bowl!!

  15. Love everything!!!!! :) Your house is just beyond gorgeous!!

  16. I live in your area (sort of) and am just starting antiquing. Any suggestions where to shop?? You seem to find great deals.

    1. Here are some of my favorite shops.

      Shawnee Country Barns Antique Co-op 6608 Shawnee Rd Wheatfield NY ***This is one of my all time favorite places to shop, huge barn fielded with great stuff at great prices.

      Yesterday's Best Route 19 Waterford PA

      Romantique Boutique 3406 W Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16505

      Whistle Stop Antique Mall 50 North Center Street Corry PA 16407

      Fryburg Old Treasures Depot 19255 Route 208 Fryburg PA 16326

      Happy Shopping!!!

  17. what beautiful pictures !!! I love its simple decoration !!! a beautiful Sunday angie wishes from Germany

  18. Hello Megan,
    the pretty things in your house, I love coming to walk on your blog to discover all your favorites
    The former things have a soul that lives through objects, I love...
    Thans for the beautiful pics
    Good Day
    Christine (in france)