Monday, August 4, 2014

Baby's Room Part One

Here it is...part one of the baby's room!

As usual almost everything in here came from the thrift store or flea market or was something we already had from when Eli was a baby. I started this room by giving it a fresh coat of the color I had previously painted it for when Eli was in here, Sisal by Martha Stewart. The ceiling in this room was very badly drywalled at some point (not by us) and to hide that I decided to cover it with textured wallpaper instead of doing my normal skim coat method to cover drywall. I wasn't feeling up to all the mess that the sanding makes and I thought for a girl's room it would be pretty to copy the look of an antique tin ceiling. My sister had some leftover wall paper from one of her projects so I only had to buy 2 rolls. I cut the paper into squares and then applied them one by one because this room is far from straight. Lowe's has a couple different patterns of the wall paper to choose from and it is paint-able, of course I wanted to keep it white.

A thrift store shelf seemed the perfect thing for above the crib. A $3 ironstone pitcher and vintage needle point prints adorn it.

I was determined to find a small neutral quilt for the crib and I found the piece over the side of it for less than $15 on Ebay. The adorable sheet is a thrift store find that I bought years ago in the hopes that I would have a little girl one day. Then a couple of months ago I found the pillows for five dollars each (don't worry I know that once the baby comes not to have the pillows in there) and they match perfectly. The little rug on the floor was $2.99 at Ikea, can't beat that.

The little folding table is a flea market find and just yesterday I found an antique Mother Goose book for 25 cents at a yard sale.

One of my wonderful followers Maria so kindly sent me the absolutely adorable baby quilt (along with something else I will show in the next post) on the back of the rocking chair. I love the soft browns and pinks of the antique hand made piece, thank you Maria!

The shelving piece is absolutely the best deal I have ever gotten on a piece of furniture and I couldn't wait to show you guys. My sister lives in Buffalo, New York and has a thrift store called "Savers" by her house. I find so many great things there but this by far takes the cake. This piece was $3.50...yes you heard me right three dollars and fifty cents! It was originally $4.99 but I had a 30% off coupon that day.

It is super well made and I knew it could be so cute once we were done with it.

I had Neal put a bead board back on it and I painted it in a flat white to keep it rustic looking. It is the perfect place for the baby's blankets.

Lots more to show so stay tuned!!! Hopefully I can get the whole room photographed before she is born, she will be full term next week and we couldn't be any more excited for her arrival whatever day it may be!!!