Thursday, February 26, 2015

My New White Cupboard - An Ebay Find

As promised....some pictures of my new cupboard. It is really amazing how I ended up with this beauty.  I knew I wanted a cupboard in this space between the outside door and the dining room entryway and I was either going to have Neal build one or try and find one this summer at the flea market. But then one evening I was looking on ebay for something and I saw this cupboard as I was scrolling through. It looked just like what I was envisioning for this space but it was a local pick-up only item and I figured there was no way the seller lived anywhere near where we lived.

As I looked closer I saw that the seller lived in Pennsylvania and I started to get excited, maybe it was possible to buy it! When I looked even closer I saw that she lived in a town not too far from the route we take to Brooklyn all the time. I checked with Neal to see if we could stop and pick it up on our way home from Brooklyn and he agreed (surprising I know, men never want to detour). I then contacted the seller and she was more than happy to hold the piece for me!

We picked it up on our way back after Thanksgiving and when I saw it I couldn't have been happier!

I just love it with it's peeling paint and simple lines. It even has the original hardware and is just as beautiful on the inside.

The hooks hanging above the cupboard are new to this room also. I had Neal cut a board to fit the space and then I added some antique hooks that I found on Etsy to it.

And as I mentioned in my last post I was in the mood to change things around so I took out all of the blue and white items from this cupboard. I will go back to the blue and white but I wanted to see what some other things would look like in it since I have only had blue and white in there since Neal built it. I am getting rid of some of my blue and white things though, a lot of what I listed on Etsy sold already but I just added a large portion of my blue and white plate collection to my shop. In our first house I had blue and white plates all over the walls but my decorating has become much simpler since then and I am trying to be more practical about what I store these days (I don't want to end up on Hoarders). Plus my mom gave me her original dishes which are antique Blue Willow and they are about all I have room for.

Speaking of my mom she used to collect really primitive antiques but she is slowly trying to downsize which lucky for me means I keep ending up with the stuff she doesn't want anymore . The butter paddle below and also the table it is sitting on are two of those things.

My azalea is starting to bloom and it is perfect timing, I need something that feels like Spring around here because it surely isn't the weather!

And a picture of Millie just because it has been awhile!

***Hanging Cabinet Color- Glidden's Whispering Wheat
***Trim Color- Glidden's Swan White

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blue and White

I know I say it every year but when it gets to be the end of winter I always end up wanting to scrub everything from top to bottom and change things around while I am doing it. I also always feel the need to get rid of stuff. I guess I get the spring cleaning bug but just a little too soon?  I guess it is good though because come spring I don't have the time to be inside cleaning! Anyways, I got the idea that I wanted to change up what I had in this cupboard and as I was cleaning I decided I should take some pictures of all of the blue and white with the pretty sunshine coming in (you would never know it was -10 degrees outside from the pictures).

Below you can see my slowly growing collection of blue and white quilts. I have a major itch to get out and do some antique hunting as I always do come this time of year. I have some things I am on the hunt for and I love finding unique items for my shop as well. What things are you guys on the hunt for this coming flea market season?

 Here is a peek at my new cupboard....I will tell you all about in my next post!

I hope you are all staying nice and warm despite the frigid temperatures ....we are hopefully getting our new furnace put in tomorrow...hurrah!

*Hanging Cupboard Color - Whispering Wheat by Glidden