Monday, September 28, 2015

Farmhouse Autumn

It's time for some autumn decorating!

This old chicken crate is one of the things I took to the antique show to sell and we used it in the front of our booth to hang signs on. Well it didn't sell, but I am actually glad because I am going to use it to hang signs on here at home.

For more information on our porch visit this post.

 I move this little bistro set around our yard quite a bit but for now I have it by our back gate. It seems like a good place to sit and watch the deer and turkeys come through, not that I actually ever have the time to do something like that:/ It is more likely to be where I have a cold beer after I rake the leaves.

More autumn touches inside too! 

The little wooden caddy that I have for sale in my Etsy shop holds two mums perfectly, until it sells at least:)

We spent this past weekend taking the aluminum siding off of this side of our house. We weren't sure what we would find under it so we were nervous but turns out all of the original clapboard is still there! We couldn't be more excited!

Next on our list to do list this fall is put in new windows (small bathroom one is already in) and then paint this whole area.

Happy Autumn!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Selling And Buying At Springfield

We are back from the Springfield, Ohio Antique Show and though we are exhausted we had the time of our lives. Thanks to my husband, mom and sisters we had quite a successful experience!

This is us in a mad scramble Friday morning try to get the booth organized...

and it did eventually happen.

We had the best time meeting people and were continuously amazed by how nice the dealers were to us new comers. We had the absolute nicest person ever next us, Stacey George from BUNNY+CLYDE who sells the most beautiful vintage Moroccan wool blankets and rugs. She saved the day for us in about a million ways.

I also was overjoyed by how many of my followers came to my booth to say hi, meeting all of you was such a pleasure!

We had some beautiful weather and some quite scary weather due to high winds but overall we loved the experience so much that we signed up for the May Extravaganza so make your arrangements now.

Because I was so busy at our booth the only shopping that I was able to do was on my walk to and from the bathroom. Knowing there were so many antiques around me that I couldn't go look at was like torture to me! And if you have never been to the Springfield Antique Show let me just tell you, there is so much good stuff!  As we would drive through in the evenings I would say "look at that" and "look at that"! Despite not being able to shop much I did manage to come home with some amazing goodies though.

As we were setting up Thursday evening I spotted this small chest of drawers in the dealers space across from us. I couldn't help but run over and see how much it was, I needed to know! Turns out it was only $35 dollars and he gave it to me for $30! I had been there under 2 hours and I had already bought something!

It is such a beauty and I love things that keep other things organized. I also bought some very inexpensive ironstone pieces that called to me from different tables I passed on my run to the bathroom.

The wheat berry in the pitcher is also from the show, I knew it would be just perfect for autumn.

Everytime I would walk through the building with the bathrooms I would stop and look at this beautiful antique dress. I would pick it up and think about whether I should buy it or not. Each time I would set it down and tell myself that I shouldn't spend any money. Then the next time I would do the exact same thing. Finally I decided that I was being ridiculous (I mean it was $8 for heavens sake!) and that I should buy it. I am so glad I did.

Another thing I bought is this beautiful tan and white quilt. I had given my family instructions to look for a tan and white quilt for me while they were out walking around but sure enough I spotted one while on my way back from the bathroom!

I also purchased the basket it is sitting on there. And are you wondering about that amazing cupboard in the pictures?

It is also from the antique show, and yes you guessed it...I spotted it on my way back from the bathroom:) On the drive there I told Neal that I wanted to find two cupboards because both my dresser and Eli's broke the day we left for the show. Well I can't even begin to tell you how many amazing cupboards there are at this show and I LOVE cupboards. I saw so many that I would die for but were just not in our budget. Then on my walk back from the bathroom (I took a different route each time) I spotted this one for $35! I thought maybe I was seeing things because all of the other ones I was in love with were $350 but no it really said $35! It turns out he had another one I liked and he gave me both for $50!

They both need some work but I can't wait to show you guys what we do with them! I also bought a red and white quilt but you guys will have to be patient to see that:)

It is officially Fall now and although I am sad to see summer go I am so exhausted that evenings on the couch under a quilt sound pretty good to me right about now. I hope you are all doing well and I promise that this is the start of some more frequent blogging for me, lots of projects under way here.

Special thanks to my family for making last weekend such a success and for so many good laughs, I am so lucky to  have such a loving and supportive family. Many thanks especially to my dad for taking such good care of my kiddos!