Sunday, January 27, 2013

Living Room Changes

I wanted to share some changes that I made to our living room. I had this beautiful round table in our attic and I really wanted to find a place for it. Coincidentally my son needed a table for when he does puzzles or crafts, at least one that I wasn't always clearing off in preparation for the next meal or project. So I thought why not bring down the round table from the attic?!

It fits wonderfully in this little corner, I bought this table for the tiny kitchen we had in our last house, it was only $50 and I almost wrecked my car when I saw it on the sidewalk for sale (I do that quite often actually)! I moved the bench in from another room and it made for the perfect little seating area.

Another thing I am really excited about finding is the slipcover I have on the chair, I found two of them on Ebay. Yes I know it needs to be ironed but I had to take advantage of the sunshine and my husband and son being outside and snap these pictures when I had the chance!

They are just my style, muted colors and striped. They don't fit great but they are better than cranberry colored chairs. I am going to put the other one on the wing back chair we have in our kitchen (yes I plan to show the kitchen).

I changed up what I had on the walls because I wanted to incorporate some woods tones into the corner. I like decorating with things that have or once had a purpose. And as you have seen from past posts I have an obsession with fly screens and old cutting or bread boards.

I finally feel like the rooms of our house are cohesive, which I think is so important in good design. It is especially important in our house because no matter what room you stand in you can see 3 or 4 other rooms. I like when rooms are calm and cozy and ease into one another anyways. 

Speaking of easing into another room, I need to get to my is almost time for Downton!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chippy Door and French Linens

I wanted to share with you some goodies that I recently purchased! I have been wanting some antique French linens for some time now and I found some at a really good price at Hope French Vintage on Etsy. They arrived from France yesterday, what a wonderful thing to find in your mailbox right? 

The seller even included some dried lavender in the package so it smelled wonderful! 

And this past weekend I bought this awesome very very old chippy door at a shop in the town I was born and raised in, Harmony, PA. It is a historic town with some really great shops and old buildings if you ever happen to be passing through.

Isn't she a beauty? 

Welcome to all of my new followers, and many thanks for all of the very sweet comments you guys have been leaving! It makes me beyond happy to know that I am inspiring some people out there, I am old things and decorating obsessed and I love to hear that others are too! 

The weather has been very yucky here and I love it! It has been below 10 degrees and blizzard like all week and  this is when I go into organizing, soup making, rearranging rooms mode! I am in the process of making some changes to my living room and guest room, I promise to show pictures of the updates soon! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Workbench Becomes Entry Table

I have been wanting a little table for beside my front door and the other day as I was painting a cupboard door on a little work table my husband built me it occurred to me that I could use it! It is very rustic just like I like, and is the perfect size. The top was pretty yucky from all things I had painted and sanded and stained on it, so I asked my husband to throw on a new wood top and to add a shelf. I then painted it and stained the top.

It makes the perfect surface for some of my favorite things.

This is an antique scale weight that I found at the flea market for $ is one of my favorite things.

In an old wooden bowl I have all of the things that we have found digging in our yard, I love finding remnants from the past owners of our farmhouse.

A peak from my kitchen.

I love the way it turned out...except now I need a new work table:)

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Third Installment

So are you sick of seeing my dining room yet, because there is still one side of the room that I haven't shown in the reveal.

Yet another cupboard, shocking right? I change this one up quite a bit, depending on the season. It is from Ikea and I had my husband put beaded board in the back to give it more of a farmhouse feel.

Flea market finds cover the shelves.  

And I wanted to show a before picture of this room.....

This was a couple days after moving in, we had already ripped up the nasty rug when I took this picture.

What a difference right? The room has changed quite a bit but that is still my cats favorite spot! 

And I know that Christmas is over but I just had to show the new stockings I purchased from Mountain Momma Designs on Etsy. Aren't they perfection? 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Part Two of Dining Room Reveal

First I want to start by saying THANK YOU all so much for all of the wonderful comments on part one of my dining room reveal! You gals have truly made me feel embraced by the blogger world!

Okay on to the second part of the big reveal!

The above picture shows the entrance into the living room from the dining room. That was one solid wall when we bought the house. At one point our big old farmhouse had been converted into two residencies, we had to make it into one house again for our mortgage to go through,which was our plan anyways. My Dad and husband had to connect the two residencies, but we didn't even own the place yet. I thought long and hard about what would make sense and flow design wise. I am glad to this day that I choose this wall for the passageway. I love the way the rooms lead into each other, I am on the search for salvaged french doors to put there.

The original passageway which had been closed up, is in the room behind the closed door below, which is now our guest bedroom. Most of the walls in our house were in good shape when we removed all of the paneling but the one seen below was in awful shape. I had to drywall it and then skimcoat over that. I am not a fan of drywall but sometimes it is your only option when renovating. To make it match the original plaster and lathe walls I always do a very heavy skimcoat with light weight plaster. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started but I learned as I went. I am all for diving into something. It all comes down to the sanding, lots and lots of sanding. Its so messy but so worth it.

As you can see I am not quite ready to give up on the greenery from Christmas. Our winters here are very "white" and I just love that little bit of color that natural things like garland and little pine trees bring to the room.

My mom gave me the cupboard pictured below, she had to get something bigger to hold my Dads very large collection of books. It is from an old shop and my mom snagged it for a song. I love it and was so excited when she passed it onto me, and it is just the right size for some of my ironstone collection.

I wallpapered the back of it with some French toile that my mom had leftover from a bathroom. It is very subtle and adds the perfect backdrop to the white ironstone. It wouldn't stick however, so my sister told me to try mixing flour and water. Worked like a charm!

Below is a printers box that hold things I bought at flea markets as a little girl. My mom started taking me to flea markets at a very young age, and I loved them from the start!

And to answer some questions about the pillows on my couch...

The smaller ticking pillows on the ends are actually vintage Italian military pillow cases that I just folded over. I bought the cases from Spring Hill Farm on Etsy, it is a wonderful shop.

 And the larger striped pillow is from Big Lots! I just found it the other day, they had red too! I was so excited I wanted to walk around and say to people "Look they have grain sack inspired pillows, for $15"!

A big thank you to Melanie from and Linsey from for featuring me on their Facebook pages!