Monday, April 15, 2019

Signs of Spring and Some Recent Finds

Hello! I am so sorry it has been so long since my last post! It is becoming harder and harder to find time to blog but don't give up on me! I don't know how you guys feel but I sure am glad to see some signs of spring around here! The slightly warmer weather has felt so good, although I did have to shake the snow off of these daffodils this morning when I picked them! These beauties opened up this weekend just in time for the snow this morning.

I wanted to share with you guys our new dining room chairs that I got from my friend Kristen from Shade Vintage Home  (she is who I bought the shelving unit with all of my bowls in it seen in the last post and numerous other wonderful things in our home). I have been looking for old white chairs with their original white paint for some time now to put in our dining room so I was so excited when I saw Kristen had these for sale! She always finds the best things and I am so excited because she is going to be opening up a shop on the second floor of the old general store building our shop is in! I will share more details soon but we are working on a big event for her grand opening and my summer open house!

The chairs are just perfect with the big farmhouse table that Neal built us. I thought I better show them before our dining room becomes my work area again as show season has begun for us (more on that in a minute). 

I love the natural wear on these chairs from years of use. 

Another new find that I am quite smitten with is this embroidered linen pillow that I found at the thrift store for two dollars! Yes, two dollars!

I also found the matching bolster for two dollars! 

With our hectic schedules and how cold it has been we haven't really been able to do any fun renovating projects lately but spring means time to get back to it! We have lots of projects planned for this summer. Hopefully one of them being making the in-law suite "kitchen" (seen here), time and money depending, into our master bath. We plan to finish repairing and painting the original clapboard siding on the exterior of the house. We also have to finish putting trim on the new windows and finish up some things we started last summer. Owning the shop has definitely slowed down the restoration/renovation of our house but it is worth it because it has been like a dream!  A big thank you to all of you that make the road trip to come see it and shop, it truly means the world to me! I love getting to meet my followers both at the shop and at the shows we do.

So for our upcoming show schedule....first we have Vintage Market Days Cleveland in just a couple weeks! This is a new one for us and we are super excited because our shop is only an hour and a half from Cleveland and we hope to gain some new Ohio customers!

After that we have The Springfield Extravaganza in Springfield, Ohio. And then in July we have Vintage Market Days Pittsburgh! This was such an amazing show last year and we can't to do it again!

I know I will see many of you at some or even all of these shows and I can't wait! As much as I absolutely love having the shop doing shows is such a passion for me and I really miss it during the winter months!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope it is not too long before I can pop on here again but in the meantime all my best! One other thing...if you are signed up to get an email when I publish a new blog post I urge you to go to my actual page to read the new post, the picture quality on the email version is atrocious!