Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Of The Summer Blooms

With fall starting this week I thought I would share some photos of the last blooms of the season. I planted an "Annabelle" hydrangea 3 summers ago and it is already taller than me and produces copious amounts of blooms starting in early August. And the best thing about planting hydrangeas where we live is that the deer don't eat them.

I stopped at a small flea market over the summer and found the antique mirror for $5. I might end up putting it in our new bathroom but for now I love the way it reflects the rooms light. It has been a couple of weeks since I have been to the flea market or any thrift stores so I am starting to get the itch. Besides, I want to get Millie started out early:)

Thank you all so much for your warm wishes for our new baby girl, you guys are the best!


  1. Happy Fall, Megan. I just love your home, and love the touch with your hydrangeas. Love, too, that you plan to get Millie out to enjoy the flea market again. Scratch that itch!

  2. Oh, a mommy Millie outing. How sweet is that. Happy hunting. . . come to think of it I need a hunting trip too. Happy fall sweets. . . ~d

  3. I love getting to see your wonderful pictures and get great ideas from you. Please keep posting while you enjoy your new baby:) Thank you for the time it takes.

  4. How fabulously Fall it looks over here, with the last of your summer blooms, I went to your last post and your baby girl Amelia is a beautiful doll. It so brings back memories of my sweet daughter Hannah when she was new born, yet so wish I had seen Amelia's nursery way back when because it would have inspired a whole different out look on designs for her my daughters room.

    So often when I visit, I leave going into my small rooms wonder what I could take away, add or arrange giving my home that more Farmhouse rustic feel like yours....your home, family, and new baby girl inspires the beauty in life and all things up cycled ....

    I am introducing a Prairie Style Wedding book at my place that would inspire a wedding some day for that sweet girl, also beauty in all things rustic, come visit.