Friday, October 4, 2013

A Farmhouse Autumn

No time to talk:)

This perfect for autumn sconce is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Hope you are all having a great autumn so far! 


  1. This is so simple and perfect, Megan! You have so many great, original ideas! :)


  2. OOhhh Eye candy over load... I see a quilt with tiny yellow(ish) and white squares that I luv... The wire basket, the white box of little white pumpkins... ooohhh!!!
    Beautiful, all of it!.

  3. wow just like many years ago when the had use what the had to make the house there home the use flower or leafs or vegs or fruit just down earth thank you for shareing i still love to use leafs on my cards , agan ty you time get back ylife what ppl can really paid for and not how much the paid for something .

  4. love it...this is why I love the whites/neutrals for decorating, when you add a bit of color like this, it is just enough and looks beautiful!!!

  5. Your home is looking so festive. I love all the nature inspired decorating.