Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest Bedroom- New Place for Linens

I have been wanting to show you the rest of our guest bedroom but with all of the furniture rearranging we had to do because of the kitchen reno it was not possible. We had to move the glass fronted cabinet from the dining room in order to make room for the bigger stepback cupboard that we moved out of the kitchen. I decided to put it up in the guest bedroom so that I would have a place for some of my quilts and linens.

I finally have this room all put back together and am able to show (and walk through) it.

And here is the part of the room that you have not seen yet.

This doorway leads out into the half story section of our upstairs, which is also where the stairs to get up here are.

I love hooks and peg rails and a guest room is the perfect place for them because guests always have lots of things to hang. Staying somewhere that doesn't have anyplace to hang your things is one of my biggest pet peeves!

The dresser was part of a bedroom set that I bought at the thrift store when I was furnishing our very first apartment on very little money, I think the whole set cost less than $30. I have painted it many colors since it's been ours and even thought about getting rid of it a couple of times. However, once I painted it it's current color, Glidden's "Whispering Wheat" I liked it again.

The chair came free with a $5 table I just bought last week at an estate sale, I hit the mother load that day, can't wait to show you all I got.

The soap box with wheels on the floor was also free at an estate sale as long as I took all the items it contained. It is one of my all time favorite finds.

And we are making slow but steady progress on the kitchen/"back room" reno. This past weekend Neal and my dad jacked up the house and took out all of the cinder block that was no longer doing its job.

Neal has been spending the last couple of days relaying the cinder block but we can't do much else until the mortar dries, not to mention it won't stop raining!


  1. I think this is the best example about guest bedroom. These types of homes are well and good. Thanks for sharing about bed related information.

  2. The down side is you're still under construction. . . the up side is you completed another room. . . .completion is a good thing. . . .love the free chair and the soap box. . . anything good inside it?

    Your guestroom is HUGE. . . I have room for a bed, dresser and a small chair. . . the guests have to take it from there. . .

    Lovely room, as always. . . .

  3. Very beautiful! I love it all!

    ~Angie @ Knick of Time

  4. I love this! The white furniture looks so pretty against the dark wood floors. It's nice that you have so much from long ago...some things never lose their appeal! :)


  5. We are moving into our house tomorrow and I am hoping to create two guest bedrooms that look and feel as comfy and inviting as yours.

  6. Oh Boy, do I ever love the look of your guest room. I really love all the white with a touch of tans, and wood color. You have done a great job.

  7. So pretty! What guest would not like staying here. I love the cupboard with your linens displayed. You have such great woodwork and doors in your farmhouse!

  8. Your guest room looks so cosy and inviting! I love your decorating style! :)

  9. This room is wonderful. Love the glass front cabinet with the linens. Perfect! Always enjoy finding a new post from you. :)