Monday, May 20, 2013

The Perfect White Table

I couldn't wait to share my latest flea market finds with you, I bought some really great items yesterday at our flea market. Actually I bought some really amazing things on my way to the flea market....

like this awesome white table for $25! I saw a guy on the side of the road selling stuff and among the things was this white table. I was beyond excited, it is perfectly aged, the perfect white, has great legs, it is my new favorite thing to say the least. I have a thing for tables, I actually bought another antique one yesterday for $15. My car was jam packed by the time I left the flea market, I think it is time I got a truck actually.

At the flea market I found lots of things in that perfect blue gray color that I love so much. I will be selling some of these things in my Etsy shop so stay tuned.

I already found the perfect place for the cute bench I bought. I put it right between our wicker chairs on our porch.

I also bought some really great things at some yard sales my mom, sister and I stopped at in up state New York last week. I will show you those things soon, one of these days I am going to have more time on my hands:)


  1. Oh my goodness, LOVE all your finds, Megan! I can't help but notice those beautiful Lilacs in the background, too : ) I'm going to go have a look in your shop. Have a great week!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  2. What beautiful finds!!!
    Love that little wood table between the wicker chairs - how perfect!

  3. Score. . . you done good girl. . . I love it all. . . a few years ago my sister gave me an old thermometer for my Bday, she found it in a basement in a house she was tearing down. . . the best part is it was from my Grampas gas station he owned when I was a young girl, he used then for advertisement. . . it is truly a dear piece to me. Love the lilacs, mine are all white, as much as I love the double white beauties, I yearn for some purple ones too. . .

  4. Wow-you found some goodies!! I have a thing for tables, too, and I love yours! (great bargain, too :)

  5. Great finds!! I went to a flea market on Saturday and it was the first time ever that I came home with nothing!!

  6. The table is gorgeous! Don't you love when it's already painted and distressed just how you like it...and by age???! And your bench looks wonderful on your porch! You found some great pieces, your trip was quite a success!


  7. Stunning Table! What a buy? Wonderful. By the way have you been to Milkhouse antiques yet?

  8. All so drool worthy! Love the little carrier and the bench fits perfectly.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Holy did find alot of treasures..I love that table,something about a chippy old table that just speaks to me(and clearly you too) Can not wait to see where you put it!!

  10. Love the way the bench looks with the wicker chairs. Great finds!

  11. Love the new finds. The bench is perfect in that spot.
    Watering can, wood box, table, them all!
    I am really enjoying your blog. Thanks!!

  12. That was a great day for finding goodies! I love all your finds!

  13. This is all so pretty...loads of eye candy! Great finds!