Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Decorating

No signs of Spring here yet, it has been snowing the last couple of days actually. I thought maybe a little bit of color here and there might make it seem a bit more like Spring, on the inside at least. I am always on the search for subtle tasteful decorations come the holidays but I find they just aren't out there so I try and come up with my own. 

I filled this basket with the packing paper that comes with our Christmas oranges every year and then placed some darning eggs in it. They remind me of Easter eggs and have a wonderful patina to them. Best part? No money spent! 

For our mantle I wanted a light and Spring inspired feeling. 

My husband made me this adorable bunny out of reclaimed wood. I wish he had more time on his hands because I would love to sell these in my Etsy shop.

An antique quilt in subtle pastel colors is the perfect way to bring some Spring color into the house.

I can't wait till my own flowers start coming up the meantime store bought ones will have to do the trick. 

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  1. So pretty, Megan! No "real" signs of Spring here in Colorado, either. I'm using more neutral, nature inspired things on my early Spring mantel, too. Thanks for sharing your pretty things!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  2. Very pretty spring and Easter decor. Love the antique quilt too.

  3. Beautiful quilt and I love your display on the table!

  4. Megan,
    Very, very nice-everything is just perfect.

  5. love the darning eggs. i wiki'd them as i have never heard of them before.
    the rabbits are great in your displays.

  6. Your mantel looks just perfect for spring! I love the simple look and that bunny is stealing the show! Beautiful quilt, too! I hope spring is just around the corner for all of us! :)


  7. So pretty. . . it definitely says spring. . . you are always such an inspiration with all your farmy~ness. . . we actually DO have signs of spring here in Montana, tulips, dafs, lots of green popping up here and there. . . but we can still get a blast of winter anytime. . . it sure is nice to feel the 70 degree temps tho. . .
    Happy Spring, Megan,

  8. oops, I forgot. . . I used to do a lot of crafts with wood, like your bunny your husband made. I had one just like it, but back then it was cool(er) to add a flower wreath and ribbon around the neck. . . yours is much cuter. . . hmmm wonder where mine went??? bye. . .

  9. The weather here in Minnesota is not very spring like either. We have freezing rain and snow to look forward to tomorrow. But like you, inside I'm starting to decorate for spring. It's always a favorite time of mine. I love your approach to decorating and your displays are so pretty. I noticed you mentioned gardening! I'm looking forward to getting some seed started in the next couple of weeks. Do you grow your own veggies and annuals from seeds also?

  10. It doesn't feel like Spring here in Ohio either. We've still been having some snow. Love your Spring/Easter pretty and simple!!

  11. I love your light touch for spring. And that bunny your husband crafted is the cutest! Right now, I am looking at snow and slush out my window here in Minneapolis. Spring cannot come fast enough!

  12. Your home is so charming, one can see not only the hard work you have put into it, but also the LOVE!

  13. Everything is just so beautiful...real cozy and warm!
    I love the antique quilt...the colors are beautiful.
    I would have never thought to use darning eggs as you have.
    Flowers are so pretty too!

  14. Love your spring decorations, Megan. You just have the touch, my friend.

  15. I finally got to Erie, PA and to your fav store this weekend! Romantique Boutique and let's just say ...I am in love! Thanks for sharing! I was so dizzy from my head swirling! Can't wait to get up there again. Love your ironstone you collected this weekend!

    1. I am so glad you finally got to go! It is an awesome store isn't it? I know just what mean, they have so many great things it is overwhelming!

  16. How pretty! All your spring decor looks lovely! Your mantel looks beautiful!

  17. Love the neutral, earthy appeal of your Spring decorations! The bunny is truly adorable! Visiting via "It's a Spring Thing LP"

  18. May not feel like spring here either but we can pretend! Love all the ironstone. Being white you can build a nice collection but it doesn't overwhelm a smaller cottage space. This summers flea market list includes more ironstone and some of those cute wooden darning eggs!

  19. I love this! It's so bright and welcoming.

    I'm hosting a giveaway over at my blog, so stop by and check it out!

    Have a great week.


  20. Hard to choose because I love them all! ;)
    But maybe the second one...