Friday, March 8, 2013

More of Our Farmhouse Kitchen

Here are some more pictures of our kitchen! The sun wasn't cooperating but I actually had 20 minutes that I didn't need to be somewhere so I had to take advantage of the time while I had it.

The bottom and top cabinets pictured here actually came out of my parents kitchen. They just happened to be remodeling their kitchen at the same time we were doing ours and they were getting all new cabinets. At first I told my mom that we wouldn't be able to use them but once we took the wall down they ended up fitting perfectly! Plus I love reaching in to get my crackers out of the same place my mom always kept them. The cabinets were red and I painted them white to match the ones over by the sink. We bought the longest piece of Ikea butcher block counter top they sell and it seemed to all come together.

 This counter is where I often set up a buffet when we entertain. It is perfect because the two doorways allow for people to come in the one side and go out the other with their food. Any hostess knows that good flow is important!

Whites, wood tones, and some blue here and there help to keep this space cohesive and calm. I am not big on clutter, actually that is an understatement, I HATE clutter. I try to use cute things to hide everyday objects when they are not in use as much as possible. For example the chippy can holds our cell phone and computer chargers. And the stacked boxes on the floor hold things like my tools and candles. I know not everyone keeps there hammer and level in their dining room but I use them so much I like them to be close by.

Through the doorway pictured is a room that we have not done one thing with, basically all that we go  in there for is to get a beer from the fridge we have back there. It is definitely the room that is in the worst shape in our house, the ceiling and the walls are crumbling and its not level. So, our Spring/Summer project this year is to gut it. Actually we are going to take down the wall with the cow pictures on it and make it one big room. As soon as the weather warms up a bit I will be back there starting to rip things out and I can't wait!

It doesn't quite feel like Spring is coming just yet, we have snow flurries just about every day, so I bought some flowers to get me in the Spring mode. At least the sun decided to come out today.

There is still more of the kitchen to show you next time! Happy Friday!


  1. Very pretty! Love the white cabinets and that you reused them. I am especially inspired by the blue peg hooks and the wooden box full of ironstone platters. The pitcher on the table is lovely too.

  2. Well what's not to love here! It's all delicious.

  3. It's beautiful, and I can't get over how resourceful you are!

  4. This is just so very farmhouse!
    I love the cupboards with the glass doors and I love the fact that they
    all don't have glass doors and that they are used cupboards with
    memories. I also keep a hammer and nails and a few screw drivers in the
    kitchen in a large bottom drawer. It is sort of the tool drawer. I also love that you thought of friends and guests when you remodeled your kitchen...looks so cozy! I am not sure but thought I would mention another
    blog to you that you might really is
    called Rusty Hinge. She also has an old farmhouse and
    loves to decorate and loves antiques and her photos are
    also very beautiful. You might enjoy visiting there...

  5. I am in love! I can almost smell the aroma of biscuits in the oven and bacon cooking on the stove. Can't wait for you to keep us posted about the room being gutted! Thank you!

  6. Good morning, Megan. I replied to your comment via email but don't think you are signed up to receive reply emails like that. So, I decided to comment back here.

    Glad you liked my idea of Girl Time. Make sure to come over tomorrow and check out my first post and what girlfriends I am sharing with my other friends. :)

  7. Just came across your site on Pinterest. Love your style and I'm following your now.

  8. Your kitchen is an inspiration for a girl who hankers for a farmhouse kitchen in the suburbs. I am glad I found your blog over at Amy's Girl Time. I am a new follower. Would love it if you follow back if you can:)


  9. Coming over from Amy's. Love what you've done in your kitchen. Everything looks so charming.
    I'm happy to be a new follower.
    Mary Alice

  10. Meagan,
    Oh, I love your farmhouse kitchen, it's so charming! I am coming over from Amy's place. I would love to have you join my linky party that is going on, I know everyone there would love your kitchen too.


  11. Hi, Megan! I'm visiting from Amy's blog where your kitchen was featured. It really is beautiful...I love the soft, rustic feel you have going on. And I really love wood counters, I so wanted them instead of granite but hubby got his way! ;-D Love your ideas on controlling clutter, I need to really work on that!!


  12. Just found your site from Happy at Home. We also have an old PA farmhouse. Looking forward to more posts and looking back at your older posts.


  13. Megan,
    I'm visiting from Amy's "Girl Time"!!!
    I adore your farmhouse kitchen!!!
    Amazing that you were able to use your parents cupboards!!!
    Love the streamlined look!

  14. Hello! I found your blog today via Amy's Girl Time Tuesday. I thought I would jump over here to say hello and I was hooked! My husband and I are building a new house that I want to look like an old farmhouse (hard to do!).... and in my mind and on my work book my kitchen looks just like yours!!! :-) Keeping my fingers crossed that it actually turns out looking that way! Are you happy with your Ikea butcher block counter tops? They are my pick also, but still waiting on a quote from our cabinet guy. I love your old house - it is fabulous. My daughter and her husband have an old farmhouse too and there is just so much personality! A new house just can't compare. It was nice to meet you. ~ Dori ~

  15. Your kitchen is so beautiful! I love the idea of having your childhood cabinets, and they look so good. I found you over at Amy's too. I'm a new follower. I would love a visit whenever you have time.

  16. Hello Megan, i'm new here and i'm so happy i found your blog, what a beautiful kitchen you have and i love the chairs!!!
    there's no signs of Spring here in Belgium only cold weather and sometimes a bit of snow, i cant wait for a bit of sunshine.
    have a great day and lovely weekend.

  17. Everything is so homey and cozy!! Love your stacked ironstone platters and hanging vintage linen towels. So prettily displayed!

  18. Wood + white color paint = awesomeness! I’m always fond of those combinations because it creates an added homey appeal to the space. Your kitchen looks good, and repainting your parents cabinets are nice touch.

    ==Kip Whitehead