Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Changes

It is finally starting to feel and look like Spring here and as I was Spring cleaning I did some rearranging too. I recently acquired this adorable little table, yet another hand me down from my sister.

I painted it Glidden's "Bisque" that I had picked up on clearance (it turns out it is a great off white) and then placed my cubby piece on top, I could never find a good place for this piece but I think I have found it for now. And with Easter coming I thought what would be better inside the cubbies than eggs?

I just found the two pieces of ironstone at the thrift store on Monday, 2 dollars a piece, can't beat that!

I love the change in seasons, it always inspires me to rearrange and rethink the way I have things. In the process you get to clean and clear out the past seasons clutter, it is so cathartic.

And speaking of decluttering I have been going through a lot of my things and many of them are going to end up in my Etsy are just a few of the things that I have decided to let go of and already listed.

A beautiful rustic wooden bowl
Oil painting "The Boy Blue" 

Primitive wooden tools

Monday, March 31, 2014

Farmhouse Bathroom

I have had some requests to see any bathroom renovations we have done so here you go....

This is the only bathroom we have renovated so far. We did it three years ago with a budget of $1,000. We love to reuse and salvage as much as possible so we were up for the challenge. It was disgusting and oddly shaped and I had to just pretend it wasn't there for over two years until we could afford to gut it and rebuild it (that is what I am currently having to do with other bathroom at the time). The below picture shows how it looked from the outside (what is this area now), this is after I ripped down the paneling and striped down the bright orange moldy wallpaper which ended up being pointless because we tore this whole wall down anyways. There was a really gross shower behind this wall, I didn't even think to take pictures of it but now I wish I had.

We lucked out because right at the time we were doing this bathroom my sister was renovating hers and she was throwing out this vanity and mirror. They fit in the space perfectly and once I painted them white they looked 100% better. Neal made the vanity top with the wood that had been covering the walls of what is now our family room. It was rough cut and stained a dark finish, but a couple runs through the planer and we discovered that it was cedar! The dark stain had turned the under-layers a beautiful golden color. We bought a $15 enamelware sink from the Home Depot and I found a $30 faucet on Overstock and it all came together.

I put about six layers of semi-gloss polyurethane on the wood to keep it safe from water damage.

We tried to save as much of the original plaster in here as possible but we had to patch certain areas with drywall. I did layer after layer of skim coat to get it all to look like original plaster work and also so that the plaster and drywall would blend together seamlessly. The key is lots of thin layers and lots of sanding. Then I painted everything Behrs "Cottage White".

I bought a $10 antique transom window for above the door so that we could get some natural light in the bathroom when the door was closed.

The floor is done with the same cedar that we used for the vanity top. Which really worked out because there was no way we had money in the budget for flooring. I treated it the same way I did the vanity top, with many many layers of polyurethane.

By taking the old wall down and making the room a rectangle we were able to fit a full size tub in and then we subway tiled around the walls above it. The cupboard is one that Neal built for our first home and ended up fitting perfectly in this space, and it is just the right size to hold all of our towels. Eventually we plan to put a window where the mirror is.

Over in this corner Neal made a built-in cupboard out of a tall and skinny bookcase that he had built for our first home. He made a door for it and then covered the whole thing in bead board, it looks like it's always been there, which is always my goal.

Below is the same corner during the renovation process, not sure what Neal was saying when I took this picture but it looks like his "that is not possible" face. And I am probably saying "yes it is, I know it can be done", our typical conversation. Looks like I was right:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Farm Signs

I have some very exciting news!!! My sister has started to make vintage inspired "Farm Signs" for my Etsy shop!!!

I think it so frustrating that it is so hard to find well done reproduction farm signs. My sister is super talented and always making little signs for her own house so I thought why not work together to provide people with the kind of signs that I am always on the hunt for?!

I was so excited when I saw what my sister had created! These signs will be hitting my shop this week! Each one is hand painted, black and white, distressed and a little bit different.

I will be keeping this little DAIRY one for myself:)

I hope you guys will visit my shop and find one that is just right for you!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ironstone Soap Dish

Well my cup runneth over this week as far as good finds go! Look what I found at the thrift store yesterday...

an ironstone soap dish free of cracks or chips, still with the strainer part inside for $2.99!

I have never seen one of these other than in my ironstone book, isn't it just beautiful?!

It looks right at home on my kitchen sink. I found some other great things yesterday too, like these matching ironstone platters.

I will be listing these in my Etsy shop early next week so keep a look out for them. And I have had some inquiries into the bread knife and cutting board that I mentioned in my last post. Just wanted to let everyone that was interested know that I listed them and they sold in under 3 minutes.

Another great thing I found yesterday was the twig basket below, I love twig baskets and this one is the perfect size for eggs.

I have a larger size twig basket for sale in my Etsy shop right now

and I will be listing this one sometime next week.

I also bought a small vintage mustard crock, the perfect size for when the hyacinth start to bloom. That is if it ever warms up enough for that to happen, it snowed all day yesterday so it doesn't quite feel like Spring here. But at least the sun is shining, HAPPY SPRING:)