Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Trying To Be Good

My mom and I spent last Saturday going to some antique and junk shops, I am yearning for the flea market and I needed a quick fix.  I promised myself that I would not overspend on something just because I was desperate for a good find. Our shopping trip proved fruitful, I did not overspend (actually quite the contrary) and I found quite a few exciting things, this transferware platter is one of them.

 I have been wanting to put something different in this space above the hooks in my kitchen but wasn't quite sure what.....then I saw this beautiful platter in an antique store and new it was just the right thing.

It was a great price and when I took it to the counter the shop owner told me he would take even more off the price! Well okay by me! I just love it. The soft yellow color goes perfectly with all the other yellow pieces I have collected, like my favorite yellowware bowl.

Another recent purchase is this egg holder that I found at TJMaxx, it was on clearance for $6 and can you believe I almost thought about not getting it? It was one of those "I am trying to be good days", boy would I have been mad at myself for that one!

I have had lots of inquiries into my dish towels...the two striped ones on the left are from TJMaxx (also bought those on the "trying to be good day", it clearly wasn't working out for me). I love dish towels and am always on the hunt for ones in the light brown color that I love so much. The third one in the above picture is not actually a towel but just a piece of antique linen that I hang to look like a towel because I can't actually find any (afforable ones) that look like that! I know I sound like a broken record but why are these things so hard to find! I mean when I saw these dish towels hanging in TJMaxx I almost knocked down a woman trying to get to them!

The ironstone sugar bowl seen below is one of the other great things I bought this past weekend. I also bought a quilt and an awesome rustic table but you will have to be patient to see those!

Thank you to all of my followers that commented on our first Farmhouse Friday, you guys are the best! HAPPY EASTER!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Farmhouse Friday ~ What Farmhouse Style Means to Me

I am so excited to be joining some wonderfully talented bloggers for a new blog hop called FARMHOUSE FRIDAYS! This month's theme is "What Does Farmhouse Style Mean To Me". 

To me farmhouse style is simple, rustic, calming, and cozy. I love old things and am drawn to the look of the past, specifically rural America in the middle to late 1800's.  I try to accomplish this look in our farmhouse by using primitive items and furnishings, warm wood tones, along with simple fabrics and patterns, all set against a neutral background. 

To me farmhouse style is....

~Lots of beadboard painted a crisp white that allows reflection of natural light.

~Antique crocks and other miscellaneous homesteading items. I love collecting but I also love keeping things corralled so I keep everyday items like rolling pins and wooden spoons on display in something old like crocks and pitchers, not only do they look pretty but they are easy to grab when needed. Antique baskets and old rustic boxes, two of my favorite things to collect, make a great place for linens.

~ Hooks of all kinds old and new. Hooks are a staple in every room of our farmhouse and I love to display everyday use items,  pretty linens, and seasonal decorations on them.

~Old harwood floors, ours may be crooked and scratched but there is nothing else like them to give you the farmhouse feel.

~Quilts, quilts and more quilts, the kind that you can actually curl up with. 

~Old dishes, baskets, cutting boards, jars and tins.

~Old tables and cupboards....rustic handmade ones being my favorite. 

Our farmhouse, like most, is short on closet space so we need lots of furniture such as trunks and cupboards that can act as storage space.  I absolutely love old cupboards and try to squeeze one just about everywhere I can. 

~Signs, may they be old or reproduction they instantly give a room character.

~Slipcovers on the furniture, not only do they hide that pattern that you were sure you would love forever but they are washable and are easy to change when you tire of them. 

~And last but not favorite to collect and decorate our farmhouse with....white ironstone, it clearly needs no explanation. 

Thank you so much for visiting our very first FARMHOUSE FRIDAY and I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to visit the other fantastic blogs below! 

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