Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Bedroom Part 1

This is our guest bedroom, it is the room right off of the dining room that you can see into in my last post.

Calming and cozy were what I was going for with this room. 

I change up what my accent color is in this room quite a bit. Most of the time I like it without any color but with lots of different whites and textures. Right now I just have a little bit of red here and there, along with my usual creamy whites and dark wood tones. 

I just got this amazing pillow with the year our house was built on it. I purchased it from The Blue Attic an Etsy shop that is full of the most wonderful French linens and hand made items. I bought a couple really great things from Nathalie that I plan to show. 

The year our house was built on an antique piece of French ticking, what could be better?

I found a scrap of this red and white fabric at the thrift store the other day and it is perfect for inside the pillow case.

I also found this adorable lamp at the thrift store for $10, it is perfect for when our guests want to read, specifically my mom.

Neal built the little beside cupboard and I keep books and other things a guest might need in it. He also built the little bench that sits at the end of the bed. The antique bed frame is a hand me down from my parents and the tall bookcase is a $20 Ikea "as is" find that I painted. The molding behind the bed is out of an old farmhouse, I bought it for $7 last summer at an antique sale. So all in all this room was very inexpensive to do, but who could tell?

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!


  1. I think you achieved your goal. Calm and peaceful. Luv the pops of red against the see of white and dark wood.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Lovely! It looks so finished and ready for guests (which I am struggling with in my own guest room.) I really like all the whites and the little pop of red. Your pillows look so squishy and ready to relax against. Hubby really does a great job on his crafted pieces.

  3. It's gorgeous, Megan! Any guest is sure to feel welcome in such a cozy and beautiful room. I absolutely love your style! ~Rachel @ The Olde Farmhouse {on Windmill Hill}

  4. Love your guest room! It is so beautiful! Cozy and calm for sure!

  5. This is beautiful...very simple and cozy! Your pillow with the date the house was built is just fantastic, I have to check out that shop! I love the layers on the bed and the touches of red, and the painted floors are a dream of mine. Great job, Megan!


  6. Love, love, love it you certainly have the touch for this style of decorating:)

  7. I love it all, I knew I would. . . simply simple. . . love the pillow. What a great find. . .

  8. Your guests are certainly lucky!

  9. So happy to have a place to stay when I come for my visit to your perfect farmhouse. lol

    Love it all!

  10. I think you've hit your mark with this room. It's cozy and cheerful and I adore the touches of red. But then again I'm a BIG fan of anything red!

  11. What week was I scheduled to be the guest in that lovely room? Is the pillow a gift I take home with me? Everything in your guest room is perfect and I'm pinning!

  12. Just discovered your blog. It's wonderful. Love the guest room.
    Ness xx

  13. Your room looks wonderful!! I tried to find "the blue attic" on etsy but can't find it. Is there a special way to type it in? (I tried no spaces but ... nothing.) Graniteware Gal

  14. Megan, what color did you paint the walls here?? LOL I am pouring over different whites and plan on bringing home samples for the girls room.

    1. It is Martha Stewarts "Sisal", it is my favorite color. It can look different depending what you pair it with.

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