Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Springfield Recap, Viburnum and Porch Reno Start

The Springfield, Ohio Antique Show  was a big success and we had such a wonderful time! Thank you to all of my followers that stopped in to say hello and shop!

We are definitely learning more each time we go, we didn't have any of our tents fly away this time thanks to the awesome weights Neal made.  And I am starting to get the booth looking more the way I want it.  I found some really awesome pieces at the show to use in my booth each time, like the door pictured above. I knew I wanted a door for the center of our booth but it had to be just the right one. There are thousands of old doors at the Springfield Show and I figured I would find one eventually. Ironically the perfect one, with chippy creamy white paint, was two spots down from us and I spotted it on Saturday morning. It was the exact height I needed it to be too, I love when stuff comes together!

Most of the bigger pieces I took sold first thing Friday morning, like this adorable dresser, I had so many staging plans for this piece too! Neal had to run out and find me another table because so many of our pieces sold quickly, hey I'm not complaining!

We had so many people that wanted to buy our aprons, which my sister makes,  so we will definitely be selling those at the fall Extravaganza!

I can't thank my family enough for being so awesome and for being SUCH a giant help!!! We have the best time together and I feel so lucky to have them.

The Farmhouse soaps were a major hit and we sold all of the ones we had with us. We will definitely have way more of those for the fall show. The fall Springfield Extravaganza dates are September 16th, 17th and 18th...so make your arrangements now!!!

I sold enough stuff at the show that you can actually see the floor in my work area again. My work/etsy area seen below with the sink is off of the guest bedroom and was originally built as an in-law suite. It is where I store all of my inventory so it looks a little bit like "Hoarders" sometimes but I definitely hope to take some pictures of the whole space and show it to you sometime soon (something I promised a long time ago I know).

This room with this amazing old sink is one of the reasons I fell in love with our farmhouse. Eventually this will be our master bathroom (the guestroom will become our master bedroom) but the ductwork in this part of the house needs to be redone so until we can afford to redo that we have to patiently wait.

My viburnum bush produced more blossums than ever this year and they look just perfect in big ironstone pitchers don't they?

As far as the house goes we started work on the front porch this week!!!

This smoke covered eyesore has been driving me crazy for 7 long years now and I couldn't wait to get my crowbar out!

Good news is I found the original clapboard completely intact under the aluminum siding, the bad news is that I found crumbling plaster and lath under the aluminum ceiling. I was really hoping to find some original beadboard or just old wood planks of wood, oh well. We hope to get all of the plaster and lath down this weekend. We are going to finish taking off all of the siding along the front before we decide what kind of ceiling we want to do. 

Stay tuned to see more of the progress and to see all of the awesome things I bought for the house at Springfield!


  1. Congrats on a good show! And there you go again, working hard as ever! Your front porch is going to look great.

  2. Congrats on Springfield, and sorry I didn't make it this time, maybe fall. Oh, the dreaded porch project. Having just come out from under, I feel your pain (well, not exactly, as you are actually the one doing the work). Ours was a long time eyesore for me, that part I can relate to.

  3. I always miss the Springfield show...but I'm making it a "must" on my to-do list this September. I'm only three hours from Springfield...so I have no excuse! Love your decorating style....I've been slowly changing from primitive to more farmhouse and I love the clean, crisp look. Your blog is a great inspiration!

  4. Love your farmhouse look!!! Would LOVE to buy a couple of soap bars! How ? Thanks! Cindy

  5. I have been to Springfield...so much fun....need to come again so I can scoop up some of your awesome stuff!

  6. Megan you are so talented. Love love what you do.:) Jo

  7. Springfield looks like an amazing show. I love that white dresser you sold. Can't wait to see the progress on your home.

  8. Hi Megan, like some others I would love to buy an apron and some soap.....I can't make it to springfield ...if you can sell me some via emails that would be great..thanks so much !!