Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Things Pretty Others Not So Much

The hot weather is officially here...which means I spend just about all of my day outside (even as I write this post I am outside). Evenings are absolutely beautiful here and I love to set up a pretty spread to take outside and enjoy.

And on the not so beautiful side of things we took out the ugly kitchen windows yesterday!

I can not even begin to tell you how happy that makes me because I have hated those windows from day one of owning this house! There are a lot of things that I am obsessed with making better in our old farm house but I have a "must address soon list" and those were at the top of it! Don't worry they were not original windows, they were ugly 1970's windows that were painted shut. Another must address thing is that screen porch roof you can see in the picture above, but that can't come off until we get the side of the house covered in OSB and house wrap. Neal, my husband, got the new windows in after buying them, returning them and buying them again. Why you ask...because when I opened the box I didn't see any grille/mullion holes. And we bought the kind of windows that the grilles snap onto. I absolutely did not want windows that did not have grilles or mullions on them. I was dissapointed enough that we couldn't afford the special order windows with the muntins actually separating the window panes. So Neal headed back to The Depot to return the windows and buy the ones that do have holes for snap on grilles, just to find out that you can put grilles on the ones we had already bought. See this is how things go for us, we never get through one project without a hitch! But all is well that ends well.  Pics of the new windows to come!

Old windows exterior view

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