Monday, June 4, 2012

Screen Porch Demo

Okay don't be scared but this is what I am currently working on. I have spent a good portion of my spring demo-ing this badly built and very rotten screen porch. I could go on forever about why this area drives me crazy (too many angles, crooked chipping concrete floor, moldy roof and beams, ugly, etc.) but I won't. Clearly I need my husbands help to remove the roof...hopefully soon.

But it is not all bad...I did find the original blue siding from when the house was built in 1867! We will have to remove it but don't worry I will repurpose it somehow! One of my recent obsessions is The Bronson Pinchot Project on DIY. Aside from the awesome ideas I get from him, he makes me feel like anything is possible and that I am not the only person in the world obsessed with saving old farmhouses!

I will post more pictures as we progress.

I also wanted to show my newest fabric finds!

Good old fashioned blue and white ticking, linen, and french inspired ticking. Head to Ikea if you are looking for some really beautiful french inspired fabrics at a great price!

Good Day!

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