Wednesday, June 6, 2012


From when we first bought our house I knew that I wanted to use salvaged materials as much as possible in the restoring process. Whenever I find something that we can repurpose I buy it even if we are no where near renovating the room that I have it in mind for. The light below is a good example of that. I bought it at a yard sale for $5. It is truly a beauty and they just don't make things like this anymore! If there is anything I hate it is having to go to a giant home store and having to buy a cheaply made expensive cookie cutter light. This light had to be rewired but my husband was up for the challenge.

We also made our closet doors in the mudroom out of salvaged materials....the falling down chicken coop we tore down last summer provided us with some awesome 140 year old plank boards. We couldn't afford to buy wood to make the giant closet doors so my husband built plank doors with it.

Another repurposed item in this room is the awesome basket that I found at my favorite shop Yesterday's Best. It was only $15 and I use it to stash all those plastic bags that one accumulates. It is a great place to store them until I get them to the recycling.

  Below is the shelf that my dad built..I attached lots of hooks so that our  guests have a place to hang their coats.

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  1. So simple and absolutely beautiful! I am off to see more of your Reno.