Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weekly Inspiration ~ Ironstone Pitchers All Lined Up

Welcome! This weeks inspiration is IRONSTONE PITCHERS! Yes I know I just did IRONSTONE  as the last "Weekly Inspiration" and I had actually just about finished a post on a whole other topic... HOWEVER...I was cleaning which turned into rearranging and all of these beauties ended up on our mantle and I just had to share!

Some of the reasons that I am drawn to old ironstone pitchers are their shape, their timeless beauty, their functionality, their story...I just love them plain and simple. Sometimes I look back at pictures of our home and regret using something in my decor but never with these.

I love that they are each a little bit different, a little different shade of white or shaped a little bit differently. And although they can be pricey in antique shops and online I've never paid over $25  for one.

Thanks for stopping by and please bear with me in the next four weeks because I am getting ready for the Springfield Antique Extravaganza in May and it is hard to find time at my computer! I have so many goodies for the show (which I hope to show you a peek at soon) and I hope to see a lot of you there!


  1. i love your iron stone.the first picture i got was mt father in laws no one else wanted "that old thing"that was the start of my addiction.your white is a inspiration to me i am going to get a she shed and do it in white's.i also have a iron vintage baby crib i am going to use. with 3 cats 2 dogs and 1 husband no whites in this house.

  2. I love your collection. My mother collected ironstone pitchers and creamers and I have several that belonged to her that I display.

  3. I am an ironstone pitcher collector, yours are marvelous! Believe it or not I've purchased all of my ironstone (including many soup tureens) at my local Goodwill! They've become a bit scarce recently, but that's probably a good thing:) I just picked up a corner hutch with glass doors at an estate sale and I'm playing around with how to display my collection ~ fun! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  4. Well, i would say that these Ironstone Pitchers are absolutely stunning. I like the way you organize them and white color give them an added beauty. It seems like you are a big fan of white color.:)