Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February Finds

I wanted to share some recent finds that I am excited about with you guys. My sister just bought a house in the Ligonier, PA area so that has given me a whole new area of antique shops to explore! Some of them are literally walking distance from her house....that could be dangerous for me!

I made a stop at the Laughlintown, PA Antique Mall during my last stay at my sisters house. It is pretty small for an antique mall but definitely worth a stop because it is full to the brim with really good American primitives. More than ever lately I am drawn to very simplistic but beautifully crafted American antiques and this antique mall has so many. I found numerous goodies there one of them being the crock below in the middle. You guys know how much I love old crocks and this one seemed just perfect for my growing wooden spoon collection.

I also wanted to share with you these beautiful ironstone looking bowls that the Dollar Tree has right now. I bought a bunch and when I got them home I realized that you really can't tell that they aren't antique ironstone!

Another awesome recent find is this antique homespun towel that I bought at the thrift store for a dollar! I was soooo excited, I mean the weight and the weave on this...just beautiful.

The winter weather has definitely broke and I have been adding little touches of spring to the house here and there.

Another find that I was so excited to get at the Laughlintown Antique Mall was this antique homespun sheet. I have seen these before but they are usually out of my budget, this one was super affordable though and then was another 20% off! It is so incredibly soft and has the weight of a thin blanket so it is just perfect for our little crib seat. Millie loves to lay on here and calls it the "little bed". 

We also managed to do some picking while we were at my sisters and I got lots of goodies to sell at the spring Springfield, Ohio Antique Extravaganza!! I am going to be doing a post soon about why you need to go to this show!!

I am currently working on a dining room blog post and am also going to be starting a new weekly series entitled "Weekly Inspiration" in which I just show a series of pictures that will hopefully inspire you in some way! I hope you enjoyed seeing my new finds, I love having somebody to share them with!

***Please email me directly with any questions you may have as it is hard for me to answer questions through the comments section!


  1. always beautiful Miss Megan ~ loving your new finds and thanks for the Dollar Tree tip! off I go!
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  2. Everything is lovely....I love Ligonier PA..we have been twice and I would love to live in that area...so full of history! We have been to that antique mall, also..and you're so right...it may not be that big, but it is full of quality, early country antiques and the prices are very reasonable. The Dollar Tree bowls are beautiful..I'll be on the look out!!

  3. What great finds! Who would think to check out the dollar store for iron stone.

  4. What wonderful finds! Everything looks absolutely lovely!

    Chippy White Cottage Blessings,

  5. I never tire of the photos of your beautiful home. Thanks for the DT tip! I love white ironstone too.

  6. Your photos are absolutely dreamy. I'm looking forward to your weekly inspiration posts.

  7. Hi Megan! I have to tell you your living room inspired me to find a white quilt to put over my brown couch. I couldn't find a quilt but I did have a twin-sized Matelasse coverlet which fit the couch perfectly. I'll be posting about it this Friday if you want to see it. Pat at Bringingfrenchcountryhome.blogspot.com. Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Pat

  8. love all your finds , unfortunately no dollar shop here

  9. Hello..i chuckled when I saw Ligonier, PA as I've lived about 20 minutes from there all of my life- haha! I know the shop you speak of and own several goodies from it...your home is lovely and I always enjoy your posts! Blessings!

  10. I always look forward to your posts, love the pictures and your style. Would love to see some pic's of your kitchen towel collection. The ones you have hanging behind the crocks look beautiful. As always, thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Megan! I came upon your post on Pinterest and OMG, your house is STUNNING. I'm writing a "Room Recipe" on how-to create simple classic farmhouse style and I will definitely be linking to your posts. Absolutely positively gorgeous. Can I move in? I'll be looking for you at Springfield! Megan S