Thursday, May 30, 2013

A New Office Space

So I wanted to show you where I put the new white table that I recently posted about.

This is the upstairs bedroom in our house, I wish it could be the master bedroom but being there is only one bedroom upstairs that would leave our son on the ground level by himself. We plan to expand the upstairs at some point down the road so that all of the bedrooms are up there. For now though this serves as a guest room.

I thought the table would be great up here because I could make a little office area. And then I thought, "This office area needs an old fashion organizer"! I found this amazing one on Etsy, it was hand made and then painted many years back, perfect color and all.

It has been really fun looking for cute little things to fill the spaces with.

Most of these items are recent flea market and yard sale finds. I will often buy a box of items for a $1 or $2 at the flea market not really knowing what is inside. I love to go through them when I get home. I usually find the neatest things, like that pencil sharpener or the old cow.

The shelf is also a flea market find that I painted and then distressed a little. I love that it has pegs.

On rainy days I have been working on trying to get this room as a whole finished. I took down the paneling and repaired and painted the walls a couple of years ago. I had originally painted the walls stark white but I felt like the space was cold so I spent last week painting it "Antique White" by Glidden.


I will be showing the entire room soon, I just have some finishing touches to make. Hope you enjoyed what you have seen so far.


  1. Really pretty! I'll be back to see the guest room all done, you are doing a great job!

  2. That is a really cute desk and organizer. You have arranged it very nicely.

  3. What a great office space. I too have recently found a new, smaller desk/table to use, but unlike you, I am moving our office space out of our guest room and into a space on our first level. (We only have 2 bedrooms.) I am looking for just the right antique chair to go with it.

  4. What a great little office area. Love all your details, and the table, of course!


  5. I love everything you have gathered here...really lovely!

  6. So inviting! May it always be your place to pause, unwind and reflect from the busy day and to be inspired and to look forward to the next!


  7. So perfect! I love every detail. Can you tell me the name of the paint color on the little shelf?

    1. Thank you! The color on the shelf is "Whispering Wheat" by Glidden Brilliance Collection, it is available at Walmart. I don't normally like the primer and paint in one paints, but the Glidden stuff is great!

  8. Thank you Megan! I love the color!

  9. I always thoroughly enjoy your posts!why You don't have 1000 followers I do not know- I shared your website on Facebook; because Your decor is fantastic!!!

  10. Megan: Love your little "Office Area" an how you are heading for that room. I will be anxious to see the rest of it. I have a small desk and organizer on it simiiar to your yours..we seem to have the same taste. Love your posts.
    {{HUGS}} Joy

  11. The space looks just gorgeous! I love that little white cow! :)

  12. I love your house so much! My house is decorated in farmhouse/shabby chic with lots of white and farm touches, but it's always been my dream to restore an old farmhouse... someday...

  13. This is indeed a cute office space! After putting up additional storage and some finishing touches, I know that this can be a very place to work in. The chipped furniture looks very cute! I hope you keep that. Well, I'm looking forward to see the final look of this office in the next post. :)