Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

The snow is falling heavily here and it really feels like Christmas! I snapped some pictures of my living room while my son was at Pre-K because if he is home there are toys on every surface.

Like I said in previous posts I wanted to keep our Christmas decorating simple this year and I definitely didn't want to spend much money to get the look I wanted.

I got the wreath on our stepback for less than $2 because all of it's pine cones had fallen off...I just reglued some of my own on. And I filled an old box I bought for $1 with some pine boughs from our yard.

I bought this antique frame at the flea market and then my husband cut a piece of wood to fit so that I could turn it into a chalkboard.

An Ikea "As Is" basket holds some of the ticking fabric that I can't get enough of, and an old enamelware bucket makes the perfect mini tree holder. These little trees were only $3 at Aldi, what a deal!

I made this stocking with a left over scrap of the painters drop cloth I used to make our sofa slipcover.

Ok well it's back to cookie baking for me, with the snow falling outside it's a great day to be inside making cookies with my son. Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. I love your simple Christmas decor. It sounds like a good day to bake cookies!

  2. I can't find out how to contact you by e mail so I hope you read this. Do you give permission to pin images from your lovely blog? Thanks.

  3. Don't you just love painters drop cloths. . . they are so cheap, easy to clean and oh so farmhousey. . .I first used them on my wicker chairs outside a few years ago, they worked so well I decided to use them inside too. I even used them as a table cloth on my Christmas table. . . I bleach some and leave some as is, just so everything isn't the same color, they bleach nice. You did a great job making slips for your sofa.

  4. I'm sorry but i'm french! I love the rénovation the farmhouse, it's very beautiful♥♥♥