Monday, December 3, 2012

Rustic Touches

Well I had a very busy and fun weekend with my family, lots of laughing, shopping and eating out! I definitely need to watch my spending and my waist line for a couple of days! I did buy some really great things though, which I will show over the week. 

I am trying to decorate this year by using everyday objects that I fill with some sort of natural element. I just got this awesome rusty milk can from Blue Moon Collectibles on Etsy. An ironstone tureen is the perfect thing to hold some pinecones, I love pinecones and we have no shortage of them here.

                    I picked up some great rustic kitchen items this past weekend.....

                         because even your baking equipment should be beautiful right?

Also, thank you so much for all of the positive and super sweet comments, they truly make my day! For some reason my computer will not let me reply or leave comments on my own blog or anyone elses:( I always have something that isn't working, it's just the way my life goes! Hope you have a great day!


  1. Your natural rustic decorating is so very pretty. Looks like you found some amazing items this past weekend. Love the cake mold and the milk paint is amazing!

  2. More great pictures! It's lovely to see someone with the same taste!

  3. I love your simple, rustic decor... it's just perfect for your farmhouse.

  4. I love all your pieces! You have beautiful taste and are so inspiring.