Thursday, December 13, 2018

Farmhouse Christmas 2018 - Pretty Simple

Hello friends! I just wanted to share with you some of our farmhouse this Christmas! I am so excited because this year we have not one but three real Christmas trees in the house! I have always wanted to fill our farmhouse with real trees and this year it finally happened. As always I have kept things pretty simple for the holidays...using mostly hand made items and natural elements.

We always put a real tree that the kids decorate in the family room but this year we have real trees in the dining room as well!  Maybe next year I’ll get one for the living room?! Better not push my luck right?! We bought this little table top tree for our booth at Vintage Market Days Nashville and brought it back home with us. I knew it would be just perfect in our dining room and it fits perfectly in an old chamber pot (also how I had it displayed at the show). We had such a wonderful time in Nashville, it was so fun to be vendors at another Vintage Market Days show and we loved getting to see some of beautiful Nashville and eating at some of its yummy restaurants. Another bonus was getting to meet so many of you that made it there to see us! Meeting my followers means the world to me and reminds me that keeping up with the blog is important!

The bigger tree on the other side of the room is also from Nashville, we had it inside a giant French
armoire there. It looked beautiful and it looks just as beautiful here in our dining room sitting area. Who would think something as simple as a cut tree could make a room so cozy. I kept it simple with just lights and added antique French ticking around the bottom. I love coming down the steps in the morning and walking into this light filled room and I love equally the way it looks at night with just the tree lit.

The candelabra is one of my purchases from Vintage Market Days. Like most shows I do I didn't have much time to walk around but I was able to find a little bit of time at the end of each day to shop. I have been looking for a candelabra like this for a long time so I was so excited to spot this one.

This adorable pine cone wreath is a Nashville purchase from The Cotton Shed...their both was amazing and so inspiring. I love the inspiration I get when I do small curated shows...there is always something to be learned in this business.

These beautiful pine cone clock weights are also a Nashville find from Curate 4 U. You guys know how much I love pine cones so I was so excited to find these.

Each year I get out less and less of my Christmas decor from the attic. I know you guys have heard me say it a million times but this time of  year I am ready for peacefulness and calm in the house, even more than usual. I think our busy schedule has caught up with me by this time of year and I just really want to spend my time with my family not fussing with garland and decorations. I just spent the last week deep cleaning our house and getting rid of stuff so it seemed counter-intuitive to clutter it up again with Christmas decor. However, one thing I will definitely always get out every Christmas are these beautiful stockings that I bought last year from 1871 Farmhouse. I even hung them in the exact same place I did last year....why mess with a good thing.

Another reason I am keeping the house really simple this year is because I have been exerting all of my Christmas ideas and energy on the shop...which has been going so well you guys! I am still in quite a bit of shock over it all and love spending my days creating displays and talking with my wonderful customers.

 I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!It has been such an amazing year with many ups and downs for us but we couldn't be more thankful for all we have been given and for these guys....


  1. very nice so quiet and those children are sure growing the first time i saw your blog she was just born.

  2. Love the simple beauty you have created. Love it all. Your kids are adorable too. Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.

  3. positively charming, peaceful and lovingly decorated ~
    Blessings to you this Season,

  4. You will have a wonderful Christmas i hope,looks like a lovely and peaceful scene. Cute children, lots of blessings it would seem, Merry Christmas.

  5. so beautiful I love your decoration very nice and peaceful...thank you for sharing :)

  6. Merry Christmas from my vintage farmhouse to yours. Your home is beautiful and your shop is a close 2nd. Blessings for a wonderful New Year and very profitable year in biz.

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