Thursday, August 31, 2017

Farmhouse Inspiration ~ Vintage Linens

So I have decided to change the "Weekly Inspiration" post title to "Farmhouse Inspiration" since I don't always have the time to do a weekly inspiration post! This weeks post is dedicated to one of my favorite things to collect...vintage linens!! In particular the white ones with some sort of hand done detailing get my heart racing.

We are working on so much around here and I can't wait to fill you guys in and show you what we are doing!!  I have been doing daily videos of our master bedroom renovation on Instagram so make sure you are following @farmhouse5540!! I have also been busy getting everything ready for the Springfield Antique Extravaganza Sept. 15th, 16th, 17th!! I know I will see a lot of you there and if you have never been I hope you are planning on coming!!


  1. Beautiful! I have a lot of vintage linens as well. Mostly pillowcases and table scarves. Some were made by my kids great,great grandmother and have tatting! Love them.

  2. Your linens are so beautiful, Megan! I collect them, too. However, my collection is much smaller than yours:) Your photos are gorgeous as well. We'd love to see you join us over at Vintage Charm Party #98 here
    Hope to see you there!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  3. As always - BEAUTIFUL! Do you actually use your vintage linens or keep them just for decor? I'm trying to decide if it's a good idea to use them. Thanks!

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  5. Love love your vintage linens Megan they are Beautiful I see all of your post gives me Inspiration. Thank You.

  6. ich liebe antike Wäsche sehr- traumhaft schöne Fotos!
    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland, Jacqui

  7. As always your posts are beautiful and so nice to look at because each and every picture is simple but oh so lovely; Im excited seeing your latest in my mailbox, but I also love going back to older posts, a real treat to read and an abundance of inspiration!
    Love it!

  8. Your washstand is divine. I also love the ticking behind the glass. Cute idea. I love vintage linens. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Such beautiful pictures, sigh....

  10. Such beautiful pictures, sigh....

  11. Beautiful Megan. Swooning through all your pretty pics.
    Happy Thursday.

  12. Gorgeous pics! I recently inherited an entire box of vintage doilies and such. I posted a pic on my IG @afarmhousefullofhope if you'd like to see. I'm not sure what to do with them all yet but I plan on keeping a bunch and selling some. I hope to see more vintage items in homes as time goes on.

  13. Always Gorgeous posts Megan. I am in love with your house. I love vintage linens. I use them all the time.

    I wish I lived near Springfield. I am drooling over that Market.

    Keep us posted!
    Sarah :)


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