Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Farmhouse Winter ~ 2017

It is the dead of winter here in the Pennsylvania snow belt region and I must say I am enjoying every minute of it. Seems like every one is eager for Spring but not me, I love being snowed in with a fire going and the candles lit. I love all of the seasons equally for different reasons, but I love how much I can get done inside the house in the winter. All of the other seasons involve inside and outside work but other than stacking the wood pile there isn't much you can (or want) do outside here in the winter.

Winter means getting the house scrubbed clean, the closets organized and just overall decluttering...some of my favorite things to do. 

You have probably noticed that I painted the fireplace brick, more on that in another post, bottom line the red brick wasn't working for us. This room is so small and it was just making the room look smaller and overall too busy for our liking. One thing we are loving though is having a fireplace and being able to have a warm and crackling fire every night.

I love keeping things really minimal this time of year, all of the white snow outside is just so beautiful and I like the inside to be calm and white just like the outside is.

Winter also means sitting by the fire in the evenings under a warm quilt and not feeling guilty about it. The rocking chair is a family hand me down and has become Neal's favorite place to sit, I told him he just needs a cigar now (not really, ew). 

This giant antique wooden bowl is a recent find from one of my favorite local antique shops, Yesterday's Best Antiques , and I just love it.

Neal built us this long bench for behind the couch, it is perfect for stacking extra quilts and pillows. He actually surprised me with it, I came home one evening and it was sitting there, my kind of surprise all right:) I am going to have him build a bunch for us to sell at the spring Springfield, Ohio Antique Extravaganza (May 19, 20, 21).

Winter also means lots of time spent in the kitchen, making comfort foods and baking lots of goodies. 

I was so excited to find another one of my very favorite things to collect, scalloped ironstone bowls, on ebay recently. This ones a true beauty with all of her discoloration and I think my favorite so far. And I found another old wooden spoon, another thing I love collecting, while shopping with my mom last weekend. 

I also just got the most beautiful items in the mail from PCB Home.  Simple and creamy white this beautiful egg holder and small crock are just perfect for our farmhouse kitchen. 

I hope you are all doing well and until next time...stay cozy! If you ever have any questions please email me directly for a faster response versus using the comments section! And make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily pictures!


  1. So lovely and cozy! I like winter for many of the same reasons.

  2. So comforting and lovely!! Thank you for posting.

  3. I could look at these pictures of your home forever, Megan. I really like the newly painted fireplace bricks as well as the way you layer your throws and quilts. I love to snuggle in during the cold days...I like winter as well but around March I get a little anxious!!

    Your home is cozy and warm. I'll look for you in IG.

    Jane x

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  5. You make white look warm and cozy! I also love ironstone. I have many platters and bowels and a few sets of dishes. I curious if you use yours for actual food prep? Beautiful pictures!

  6. Your home looks gorgeous as usual Megan! Great choice painting the fireplace brick...I really like it! Thank you for continuing to blog all about your lovely home. We love seeing it! 😍

  7. I smiled when I read your comment about being a homebody during the winter. I live in Texas, and our winters are not cold at all -- we had 70 degree days this week! -- but if I ever lived anywhere where it snowed, I'd be just like you. (I am a homebody anyway, but would be even more so when it's cold outside.) Also, I love your bench. They're just so versatile, aren't they.

  8. Your home is so lovely and inviting. I am with you. I love winter and everything about it. I also love wooden spoons. Thanks for sharing your home.

  9. Love that simple and elegant but still cozy look. Absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Megan! I usually gasp when someone talks about painting old brick but I think you did the right thing painting it white. For your room, it's perfect. I also love that little skinny window on the wall. I hope you continue to enjoy these winter days; I'm one of those counting the days til spring. Stay warm! Pat

  11. It looks warm and cozy. I love the painted brick. The bench is wonderful.