Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn In The Dining Room

I added some touches of Autumn to the dining room and thought I would share them with you on this beautiful sunny day.

I used one of my caramel stripe grainsacks for the runner and some pin oak leaves and baby boos add a simple touch of autumn to the table. I had set my ever growing stack of ironstone platters on the table while I figured out where to put them when I thought to myself that they are just too pretty to put away.

I snagged the very old cutting board under the enamelware pitcher at an estate sale in an early 1800's farmhouse this past summer. I actually bought two amazing cutting boards there, the other one is in the pile of things I need to get listed in my Etsy shop...all you cutting board junkies be on the look out:)

Over on the sideboard I hung a twig wreath on the old door and put a beautiful jarrahdale pumpkin in an ironstone bowl. I was so excited to see that Walmart had all kinds of heirloom pumpkins for $3 this year. Most of our local farms don't sell these rare types of pumpkins and I bought jarrahdale seeds to grow my own but never got them in ground.

Time for me to get back outside and help Eli rake the leaves!


  1. I love your home, Megan. These touches are true to your style, and look great.

  2. Love all the fall touches Megan! I enjoy reading your posts. I have admired your ironstone collection and have started.a collection of my own! I have actually found some at our Goodwill stores here in Louisiana which is a rare thing here in the south! I got lucky today and found a chippy white ironstone platter there for 59 cents! I was doing a "happy dance"!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Congrats on your new little blessing too! I was visiting my son and his family in Erie in early Sept and was wondering if she had been born yet! Take care and keep the pic coming of your beautiful home!

    1. Thank you Donna! How exciting that you found some ironstone at the Goodwill, I haven't been in a thrift store in weeks:( Many thanks for all your kind words!

  3. Very pretty! I love your dining room table. I have a Pin Oak that hasn't turned yet...can't wait. Stop by! :)

    Jane xx

  4. Luvly Megan!! I will have to check Walmart for those pumpkins... saw some today but they were pricey where we were.
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs, Gee

  5. I love seeing all the detailing in youre home. All the smart boxes and compartments, the rack on the wall the cow picture and the fall leafes on the table. lovely:) it is very inspirational! Was hoping you could answer me on a thing. I would love to try decorating with small pumpkins. We dont have that tradition in Norway, but shops sell them in october so I would love to give it a go. Do they stay nice for long så decoration? Can they stand the heat inside? Dont they rot?
    Would be very nice to have you stop by my blog:) Thank you:)

    1. Thank you! As for the small pumpkins they stay nice for a long time inside and they will eventually rot but it takes months and you will be ready to decorate for Christmas before then:) Once they start to soften I throw them in my garden and then next year I will get what we call "freebie" pumpkin or gourd plants.

  6. danke für die tollen bilder, einen schönen sonntag wünscht angie aus deutschland

  7. Beautiful! Love that rusty bread box!!

  8. What a beautiful space...your Fall touches look so pretty!!

  9. Hi Megan. I just found your blog this morning on Laurel's The North End Loft. I've spent the last 1/2 hour touring your wonderful farmhouse. You and your hubby are doing a great job restoring this home, and I love everything you've done. I was appalled at the negative comment left, which was in very poor taste. But so impressed that you left it there (though you didn't need to) instead of deleting it. That shows a lot of courage, and confidence in who you are. Honestly, I have so much respect for you. I've subscribed to your blog so I don't miss anything you share. Keep up the fabulous work, both in refashioning your home and being a model blogger. All the best ~ Nancy P.S. I have to tear myself away from reading more of your lovely blog today so that I can get something done around here! LOL

  10. Beautiful farmhouse decor! I love the rustic mixed with the white!

  11. Absolutely, gorgeous!!!! Love everything!!!

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