Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Isn't it funny how sometimes you can run into one of your favorite stores and not find a single thing and then another day you come out with a cart full of goodies? This happened to me the other day when I ran into Gabriels, a discount department store in our area. I only ran into look for one thing when I spotted this basket...

with a $5 price tag! I was so excited!

And then I rounded the corner and saw this basket...

a reproduction primitive basket in the most perfect blue/gray color and a french ticking inspired lining!

They had three sizes but I had to draw the line somewhere so I only bought the large and medium size ones. I knew the large one would be just perfect on top of our step-back cupboard.

And as I was trying to make my way out of the store I saw this beautiful $12 blanket sitting on an end cap, still with the original boutique hand written tag on it! It is perfect for those chilly autumn nights and is also that perfect blue/gray color. I placed in a thrift store find antique basket on a flea market stool.

You should have seen me trying to juggle all this stuff, since I thought I was just running in I didn't get a cart, I should know better:) I also bought a giant $7 red ticking stripe pillow that I will show later.

I have started to add some autumn decoration to this room and this antique footed bowl, which is also a recent thrift store find, is the perfect contrast for some white pumpkins.

I am tickled with all of my recent finds and excited that is officially autumn. What I am not so tickled with is that our tractor, dryer and just as of today my vacuum are all broken! I guess bad things do happen in threes!



  1. Those are some great finds and they look lovely in your home. Too bad about the broken items, hopefully you can find affordable solutions. Our dishwasher is giving us trouble and may need replaced.

  2. Terrific finds! You have a good eye for things.

  3. Wow! What great finds. I wish we had a Gabriels in New England.

  4. Oh, I could look at pictures of your home all day!! So gorgeous! I'll have to go check out Gabe's...love your finds! :)

  5. It's so frustrating when you don't find anything but those days you do find stuff make up for it. Your new baskets are just perfect for your home. I'm loving the first one the most since I have a thing for wire baskets. Your new finds add such a homey touch to your already comfy room. By the way, I'm loving the way you have your sofa layered. I think I have a bedspread similar to you the one your using and I'm thinking I need to grab it out of the closet and layer it on the sofa. Doesn't it help with keeping your sofa clean or do you just use it for looks.

  6. Nice finds..you lucky girl!! I love the blanket..think I have a thing for them this time of year,they are soooo cozy! Have a great weekend,xo