Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great Finds

I recently picked up some new goodies that I wanted to share.

I bought this awesome dove-tailed store box this past weekend, I love the description and the tiny little hook. Old boxes are definitely one of my favorite things and I could never have too many.

I found some great chippy platters, the bigger one is from the thrift store and was only a $1! And I purchased another ironstone pitcher at a great price to add to my collection.

One of the things I was most excited about finding were these antique shelf brackets. They were at the thrift store for $1 each!

The round ironstone plate is also a thrift store find that I got some years back, it was also only $1.

Did I make you want to get out there and look for some great finds of your own? I am dying to go to the flea market, watching "Market Warriors" will only get me by for so long!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Pictures of the rest of my kitchen coming soon!


  1. awesome finds Megan. . . one can never have enough ironstone OR old boxes. . . I too went treasure hunting yesterday and got some awesome finds. . . I ordered a new camera I am expecting any day and then I'm going to become a full-fledged blogger instead of just a blog-follower. . . I'll let you know when I do so you can come visit. . . warning. . . I got a lot of ideas from you hope you're not offended.
    Thanks for sharing. . .

    1. How exciting that you are getting a new camera Debi! Can't wait to visit your blog when it is up and running! And I would never be biggest wish is to inspire people!

  2. Lovely finds! I've had the itch about a month ready to pick and sell.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Those are lovely new finds. The simple display is so pretty. I have one box but would love to find more.

  4. It is all fabulous! You have it displayed so well...Yes, it makes me want t hit the flea markets and thirft stores too... I love Market Warriors too. I watch it weekly.....Blessings!

  5. Fantastic the box with the little hook, so cute! I love all the ironstone too and you got some great deals too! I haven't been treasure hunting for a while and can't wait till the first flea market opens around here, I'll certainly be there!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  6. Love your white ironstone pieces. I can't wait for the flea markets to open in Spring.


  7. Those platters are wonderful. I am a dishaholic .... What great finds.
    Cheers, Gee

  8. You found some wonderful things ~ that box is great, so much character! And yes, you did put me in the mood to go treasure hunting for sure!!

  9. It's so cold in Brooklyn and Cambridge - and good thrift stores are lacking - so we've been armchair junking. I'm 100% jealous of your fantastic finds though, and I couldn't agree more on old boxes:

  10. just love the ironstone pitchers all lined up in a row...
    beautiful as always....Corinne