Friday, January 11, 2013

Third Installment

So are you sick of seeing my dining room yet, because there is still one side of the room that I haven't shown in the reveal.

Yet another cupboard, shocking right? I change this one up quite a bit, depending on the season. It is from Ikea and I had my husband put beaded board in the back to give it more of a farmhouse feel.

Flea market finds cover the shelves.  

And I wanted to show a before picture of this room.....

This was a couple days after moving in, we had already ripped up the nasty rug when I took this picture.

What a difference right? The room has changed quite a bit but that is still my cats favorite spot! 

And I know that Christmas is over but I just had to show the new stockings I purchased from Mountain Momma Designs on Etsy. Aren't they perfection? 


  1. Megan, I never tire of looking at your beautiful house. I can relate to nasty carpet, when we inherited my husbands 1930's house last year, the first thing I did was rip up the carpet, the floors are beautiful, like yours. I love your new stockings, yes they are perfect! I made ours this year to go with my all white theme as well, ours are made from old chenille. PS I copy-catted (is that a word) your coat rack display pitcher, linen towels and an old farming picture (I like your cow better tho). Thanks for letting us into your home. . . again.

  2. you're full of surprises! Wonderful as always! :)

  3. I just love these rooms! So calming and pretty. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your house!


  4. No, I am not sick of your dining room! Each angle you have shown is wonderful. How did you do the ceiling in there? Was that an old dropped ceiling that I saw? It seems that you have accomplished a lot in the time you have been in your home!

    1. Yes all of the rooms of our house had dropped ceilings and all of the walls were covered with paneling when we moved in. We had no idea what we would find when we removed all of that (besides mouse droppings). Some rooms ceilings are better than others, the dining room ceiling is in pretty bad shape. I skim-coated it and painted it for now. It is a very low ceiling and we are going to tear it down eventually because I want exposed beams so I don't want to put too much time into it. We have accomplished a lot but there are rooms that we have not even touched yet....don't worry I will blog about it all!

  5. So beautiful. I totally love your farmhouse.

  6. Oh, I love it! Your cupboard is 'styled' perfectly, and I LOVE the last picture! :)

  7. Love everything! Especially the lightness of everything...makes me want to de clutter!

  8. I just found your blog (via The Farmhouse Porch) and I LOVE your style! I'm a new follower. ~Rachel @ The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill

  9. Rachel from posted about your blog on Facebook and I ran right over here to check it out. Your rooms are SO beautiful! You are very talented and I absolutely LOVE your style! I can't wait to get to the local Big Lots to see if they have any feed sack style pillows like yours! :) I will be a new follower.

  10. WOW what a change from how it looked when you moved in. It's great to see the before so that I know there is hope for my home. LOL

    Your flea market finds always have me drooling. the items arranged on beadboard shelf is not exception. Love it all.

  11. That is quite the change! The headboard makes that cabinet. You have collected some great pieces too. Your farmhouse style looks lovely.

  12. Hey-your farmhouse must have been remodeled the same time as ours.
    We've torn out orange carpeting, faux wood paneling, and acoustic ceiling tiles, too!