Saturday, November 3, 2012

White Cupboard

This is the amazing cupboard that I just got at Romantique Boutique in Erie PA. It is funny because I had been asking my husband to build me a cupboard just like this for our dining room. I didn't think that I would be able to find an old one that would fit in this little corner but turns out I did! This awesome cupboard is a perfect fit and is exactly what I envisioned in this space. I wanted something tall and skinny with doors so that I could put all of my entertaining dishes together. Plus this wall is right off our kitchen so it is easy to grab the dishes should I need them in there.

They all fit in there perfectly along with my linens, my hotel silver and some old crocks. I have been trying to buy furniture with its original white paint (along with the rest of the world I know) because painting an old piece white doesn't ever have the same effect. This wonderful cupboard has its original white paint and has a great "vintage" look. Oh I could go on for hours....I have a cupboard obsession clearly.

I love the look of open shelving, but we have lots of that in our dining room already. I don't like rooms to look too busy so this cupboard helps to balance the room and give it a beautiful simplicity.


  1. OH MY!! I can tell I am going to LOVE your blog! What a great birthday gift! I will be spending some quality time here!~Mel

    1. How sweet of you Melanie! I felt the same way when I found your blog! We definitely have the same taste in decor! So glad we found each others blogs! Megan

    2. Megan I love your pinterest too! I am now following you-I am Melanie W I also have pinterest boards. We have VERY similar taste! Mine goes a little one way and then another but I absolutely LOVE the prim look the best! I am SO unaware of how to BLOG!(properly!) I don't know how to add a 'follow me on pinterest' button AND i don't know HOW to add my blog list down the side like you have yours! duh! 1871 Farmhouse is one of my fav's but on her site I can't figure out how to follow her and have it show on my blog?? anyways I am going to her Christmas sale in 2 weeks along with a few other vendors-it's gonna be a blast! so excited! I will be sharing pics and my post right afterwords! ttys ~Mel

  2. Hi Mel.....we really do have similar taste! When I showed my husband your picture of your kitchen sink and countertops with the stuff on them he thought it was our kitchen!

    As for your blog...go to your page and click or touch on Layout. Then click on "Add a Gadget" . Then choose "Blog List". Then you can make a list of all the blogs you follow.

  3. As for the pinterest button, has a great break down of how to do it. Explains it better than I would be able to ! Good luck hope I helped! Meg