Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Quilt and Some Ironstone Too

Due to lack of time I wasn't able to visit any Chicago antique shops while we were there, but Neal was sweet enough to left me walk around the MauMee Antique Mall in Ohio on our way home. Most items there are overpriced but if you scour enough there are deals to be found.

Like this beautiful antique quilt I found that was only $18! And this ironstone pitcher that was affordable due to the chip in it, plus it was 10% off due to a dealer sale. Other than lots of chamber pots there really wasn't any other ironstone for sale there, much to my dismay.

But that disappointment quickly dissipated because the next day I found this ironstone platter at the Goodwill near my parents house for $2!

Some of my favorite things to collect are old shaving mirrors and I just recently found the one pictured for $1 at a yard sale. The frame is that perfect gray color that I love so much. And see the mantle in the mirror reflection? That is for the sitting room part of our kitchen...not much progress there...we have been so busy with weddings and visitors galore and trips it has been put on the back burner. But the warm weather won't last much longer so we will have to really put the hammer to the nail once things slow down.

Hope you are enjoying these last couple weeks of summer!


  1. I just have to say, I love that trunk of yours!

  2. I swear you always find the best stuff and even better prices. . . love the pitcher, platter, quilt. . . and the awaiting reflection in the mirror. . . I wanted to tell you. . . I bought the country sampler magazine the other day and thee sign you have in your kitchen was in it. . . I can't remember all the words (I loaned the mag to my friend so I can't go peek) all I remember is it says something about horse shoeing (I think) have a good week Megan. . .thanks for sharing. . .

  3. Lovely finds! Two weeks left of my summer vacation and then back to school so I also need to get busy with some project finishes.

  4. The quilt and pitcher are both lovely....good deals! I've been stuck at home for a couple of weeks after hand surgery, and you've really got me bite n' at the bit to get out!
    Enjoy your treasures,

  5. Your ironstone pitcher is lovely.

  6. The quilt was a wonderful and white is always lovely...

  7. Love your finds! Don't you just love it when you find something special and at a good price too?! Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Diane

  8. Absolutely love your decorating style!!

  9. Love your finds! I've gotten some fun things at the Maumee Antique Mall-you're right, they're mostly pricey but they have some bargains here and there. :)

  10. You have a lovely blog and such a pretty farmhouse. I loe all of the vintage pretties that you display.
    Have a good week and I hope you do enjoy the last few weeks of summer!