Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Welsh Dresser

Well I finished staining and polyurethaning the floor of our great room and I also finished up painting the giant wall cupboard known as a Welsh dresser or a kitchen dresser. This giant cupboard was here when we bought the house and I longed for the day that I would be able to put cute things in it!

This cupboard was hand made specifically for this space probably by one of the farmers who lived here and I love everything about it. I painted it and the new beaded board we just put up Martha Stewarts "Bone Folder", you are shocked I know:) The beaded board on the walls outside of the cupboard is Gliddens "Swan White".

This is the cupboard before we gutted the room...

I only wanted to use antique hardware on this piece and had picked up a handle and a drawer pull at the flea market over the summer that were exactly what I had in mind. I thought it might be a challenge to find more of the exact same hardware in the quantity I needed but Etsy made it a snap! What did we ever do before Etsy?:) I found four bin/drawer pulls that matched exactly to the one I had already! And then I found three handles that also matched exactly to the one I had! I love when stuff works out like that. The one door on the bottom has a bin pull because it is an old potato bin, another wonderful thing about this cupboard!

I made short work of filling the shelves with all of my favorite things like ironstone, wire baskets, crocks and old jars and tins. When Neal came home from work he said "Wow you sure filled that up in no time":) Well yeah! This is what I live for!

Sadly I am probably going to have put more practical things like canned goods in here because we need the storage, but for now I just had to make it pretty.

And I know you are wondering about this amazing is from Knick Of Time on Etsy. I am very particular about reproduction signs but Angie does such an amazing job on these that you would never know they weren't the real thing. I am constantly on the search for late 1800's early 1900's well done reproduction signs but they are hard to find so when she listed this one I snatched it up!

I am so happy with the way this room is coming together, it is just how I always pictured it. We are still finishing up LOTS of things in here so no pictures of the whole room yet but hopefully soon!

Bin Pulls ~ Fairy Home  Etsy
Handles~ My Serious Side Etsy

Cupboard Color~ "Bone Folder" in high gloss finish by Martha Stewart

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Keeping Room

I thought I would share how I decorated our keeping room for Thanksgiving. We go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving so any decorating I do is purely for fun and doesn't need to be practical.

I was so excited this week to have finally been able to start to put things back into the kitchen. Up until Tuesday we had a giant stack of boxes in the corner of this room.  It felt very good to declutter our keeping room and make it pretty again. And I LOVE to organize so I was excited to find a home for everything in the freshly painted cupboard in the kitchen (will show the cupboard in the next post).

I didn't have the heart to make my cat move for this picture, she was soaking up the sun....can't blame her:)

I kept to my usual palette of mostly white with wheat colors and wood tones mixed in and then added some touches of Thanksgiving time.

I was so excited to find this linen hand towel with "Happy Thanksgiving" embroidered on it at Hobby Lobby. I know I am always going on about it but I can hardly ever find tasteful holiday decor so I was excited to find these. I hung it with some late 1800's linen dish clothes on this old herb drying rack (so sorry Tracy). I painted the little tote "Sisal" and then added some pumpkins and Indian corn.

And I found a new place for my crocks, I LOVE crocks.

Another find that I am very excited about is the antique basket pictured below. I got it for 50 cents at the Goodwill the other day. I filled it with all my of wheat colored ticking fabrics that I am slowly finding here and there, yet another thing that is so hard to find but shouldn't be.

And the ironstone bowl with the pumpkins was only $10 at the Letchworth Barn Antiques shop...still can't get over that one and it doesn't even have any cracks!

In my next post I will show pictures of how the kitchen/great room is coming along! Have a great weekend...and please check out my friend Debi's blog, she has so many wonderful ideas.

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Is Here!

It's November 1st, time to put the Halloween decorations away and start thinking about Thanksgiving!

Happy Friday!